African basenji dog, breed description

Photos, description Basenji dog breed, characteristic for the maintenance of the house

Photos, description Basenji dog breed, characteristic for the maintenance of the house

African basenji dog breeds considered to be unique and have many interesting features. The uniqueness of the pet manifested in their inability … barking sounds, of course, very strange, but it’s actually true. Among other things, it has introduced a variety of other, more interesting ability – to laugh, soon to make sounds that are very similar to human laughter, and it happens only in a time when pupils feel happy.

This species belongs to a very ancient animals, and confirm this image found in Egyptian tombs, which shows the basenji. What exactly there are pets, and since when has begun the history of their origin is unknown, but the first representatives were found in areas of Africa, in the second half of the 19th century, when they lived under the tribal peoples of the Congo valley. In European countries with an opportunity to familiarize the animals in the first half of the 20th century (about 30s). The most common dogs were in England, where very popular.

Exterior features dogs are often very controversial. The fact that the exterior features indicate simultaneously on cheerfulness, but frivolous and carefree called dogs too, can not. Looking into the eyes of dogs, their stabs and expressive look is noticeable all the wisdom of ancient origin and variety. On first impression it may affect the presence of wrinkles in the frontal region, which give a more focused and mysterious species. The design of the body that is inherent in the breed, not is large. The average pet has increasing from 35 cm to 45 cm and weighs about 10 kg. The head part somewhat elongated, clearly visible ‘flat structure of the skull, muzzle pointed shape, color neatly placed a medium-sized, upright ears. The eyes of all parts of the dark brown shades. There is also a unique feature relates unusual tail wrapped in two ringlet, which literally lies on his back. male representatives can spread the tail when caring for a representative of the opposite sex. Wool cover different silkiness. The suits are found predominantly red colors. On wool noticeable small specks of white flowers.

Character represented species are often called ideal because dogs funny, friendly, and at the same time loyal, have patience, and wisely ponder all future actions. Animals incorrigible chistyuli, cleanliness inherent in the breed from birth. Pets like cats constantly lick themselves, that such actions correspond to what is referred to as dogs, cats. There is a group of people who prefer the silence, or are hostages of the situation when they can not buy the usual pet, then you should pay attention to the dogs, as dogs almost noiseless and do not know what a “barking”.

In a fairly distant past, in the territories of the African continent, the representatives of the variety used as a powerful hunting dogs went with them to produce small game. Time passed, and today the dogs used in the other direction, they become the best of friends for their owners and take part in various exhibitions processes as ornamental pets.

Unique species Basenji really special, but the breed is not rare.

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