Anatolian Shepherd Dog breed

Photos, description breed dog Anatolian Shepherd Dog, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

Photos, description breed dog Anatolian Shepherd Dog, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

In addition to the representation of names in different sources breed Anatolian Shepherd called the following titles: Anatolian Karabash, a Turkish guard dog.

Despite the fact that dogs have been bred for a long time, official recognition and registration they received relatively recently – in the second half of the 20th century (about 1989). The original creation of varieties produced in the territories of Anatolia, from which there was part of the name. According to dog trainers, founders Anatolian Shepherds were representatives of Mesopotamian hunting dogs. Other researchers are of the opinion that the main role in the removal of such an unusual breed played processes reproductive crossing with greyhounds. In any case, the new generation of Anatolian Shepherd won the hearts of many dog ​​lovers.

Exterior features provided by species almost entirely correspond to instances of Kurdish shepherds. Dogs have a fairly massive and powerful body. The average pet has increasing from 70 cm to 80 cm and weighs about 45 kg-65 kg. As for the coat color, there is no what some limitations, all colors are welcome. The very structure of the hairs is medium in length, very thick and cover quite clearly expressed abundant undercoat. In the rock there was some separation: Akbash, Kangal and Karabash.

If a lot of dogs can be formed from birth, the Anatolian shepherd dogs are born directly with their own distinctive customs. It ceases obstacle for the further education of pupils, so often involved in training professionals. The logic presented Shepherds are often similar to the herding dogs, as they are also constantly striving to free thinking and independent resolution of all the issues that concern them. Educate Anatolian pets as the owner wants it – is not easy. All you need to start as it is possible to lower the age to get used to the dog once a certain atmosphere and were able to take all the restrictions. All protection instincts develop in Shepherds only the second year of life, before they had time, in most cases guided by the instructions of the owner, but do not forget that you must behave accordingly delicately and not create conflict situations, in order not to irritate the puppies. If the owner has managed to properly educate your pet, it gained in the final results of the faithful and reliable friend. The same attitude as the owner, to other strangers will not occur extremely dangerous for dogs strangers. Are allocated Anatolian Shepherd sensitivity and alertness. Even when it seems that dogs have a rest, they still control everything that happens around.

Initially, the dogs were taken to control the herd, that is, the dog served as shepherds. To date, demand for shepherds duties decreased significantly, so the use of modern rock is presented in the protection. Due to the inherent aggression, pets often participated in dog fights. Although these fights are not perceived by the new generation of humanity, they are held in underground format. For this breed of individual instances of Anatolian Shepherds, from birth imposing them only aggression and anger.

For rare species, representatives of the Anatolian shepherd dogs do not belong. Although pets are popular all over the world, their distribution is rather limited.

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