American Toy Terrier

Photos, description breed dog American Toy Terrier, characteristic for home maintenance and breeding width=

Photos, description breed dog American Toy Terrier, characteristic for home maintenance and breeding

In addition to the official title – amertoy, dogs also breed of dog called American Toy Terrier, Toy Rat Terrier and Toy Fox Terrier, which can be found in various sources.

Provenance provided varieties originated in the second half of the 19th century. Already in the first half of the 20th century (around 1915), the breed was fully developed in the American territories. I do not have to wait long, as it was already twenty years old, amertoy has been recognized and registered as an independent line of dogs. Create a pet in some way corresponds to the creation of PET Terriers. The founders of breeding of this breed are dwarfed representatives smooth fox terrier, and Manchester Terriers in combination with a short-haired Chihuahua.

Exterior Features pets are to their little growth performance and, accordingly, miniature folded package. If you look at the pets to the naked eye, that look like they have more to do with common serf doggie. Ears half-erect, somewhat elevated (especially the rise during stimulation), the tail is medium in size, constantly actively moving in a good condition, from which it can draw conclusions about the peaceful and friendly intentions animals. The colors of the coat part of all light colors, especially appreciated by the shining white color, which allowed multi-colored spots on the entire body, which constantly varies.

Typical customs and inherent features of representatives of the American toy-terrier are ideal for those who want to buy a pet shaggy. Dogs are unpretentious to the conditions, have good intelligence and wit, deftly and quickly trained around what the owners are trying to teach them. With regard to relations outside the family circle, it is necessary to be careful, because the aliens do not take amertoy and aggressively tuned against strangers. When there is a need to protect ownership, livestock manifest ill will and aggression that is not inherent to them in the terms of “us”.

The use of these dogs may be different, but basically it is the protection of the territory or the owners do well to hunt for rodents. To date, pupils often acquire a new true friends, besides amertoy are ideal as family pets. You can not be afraid of leaving the pups with the children, because they will not cause harm. Listen to all the host of commands and easy to train. Thanks to their ruggedness, dogs are able to dwell in the house or in an apartment, or even the yard.

As a rare species of dogs amertoy not registered. Moreover, their popularity is constantly increasing, as well as the level of distribution to the various continents.

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