English Bulldog, breed of dog

Photos, description breed dog English Bulldog, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

Photos, description breed dog English Bulldog, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

Today characterize the breed English bulldogs can be sufficiently independent, free and phlegmatic dogs, but most importantly, it does not affect the commitment and loyalty to the owner.

As provided by a variety refers to the ancients, their origin story begins in the first half of the 13th century. The initial dilution was engaged King John. If we translate the name of the breed, we get “bull dog”. This name was given to pupils because of certain specific uses. English bulldogs were used for baiting bulls and other large animals, in addition, they have participated in dog fights. It was not until the second half of the 19th century, to the time when the baiting of animals has been officially banned, but the approach to the breeding of dogs has changed significantly. Then the Bulldogs lived among other conditions that affected the formation of new characteristic manners. Modern representatives of the English bulldogs are completely different from those that were before. They appeared cheerfulness, friendliness, there was a certain calmness and dogs become less irritable. In addition to their internal changes, breeders began to pay more attention to the characteristics of conformation, but in spite of external enhancements, the Bulldogs have become less active and energetic, which is the earlier.

Consider the features of the appearance of the English bulldog, which are directly dependent on previously made mutations. Mutational processes badly affected the future breeding species represented, as in the litter cited too little kids, and themselves often complicated childbirth. The average pet has a weight of about 25 kg, which, compared with a slight increase, quite a lot. The animals can be immediately seen from their squat, wide trunk and massive limbs are placed at a great distance. The head of the rounded shapes, rather short muzzle, ears of medium size, hanging down and placed at the side of the head. On the head and the area also faces inherent in skin folds. Wool cover short, hard and standing. Colours meet varied, but in any case the advantage is the presence of a “black mask” on the face.

Due to the ancient origin of the English bulldog, the dog survived a lot, including the constantly changing nature of their own manners. If previously there were so aggressive and daring pets are able to fill up a bull or other large animals, but nowadays these traits in the character are considered unacceptable. Today’s generation represented varieties owners of balanced temperament, phlegmatic and calm disposition. In addition, they are valued because of the great devotion owners.

In the past, the use of this breed lay in fighting problems and harassment of the herd, but today, the Bulldogs are used as non-pet friendly.

As the worldwide variety of English bulldog is quite common and popular to rare breeds of dogs are not the numbers of livestock also so large that it is not considered valuable and buy this shaggy friend anyone can.

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