Bichon Frise, a description of dog breeds

Photos, description dog breed Bichon Frise, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description dog breed Bichon Frise, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

In addition to the representation of names, Bichon Frise, in a variety of other sources, there are titles such as barbishon. Also, a little-known breed of dog name that is not used in our time – the Tenerife Bichons. But if we talk about simple folk artist, you can hear something like that, like a lap dog.

Introduced a variety refers to the ancient dog breeds. The first puppies Bichon Frise (barbishon) appeared on the French territories, and their founders are the doggie barbet. It is also believed that distant relatives Poodles varieties from which they came, and such a nice curly hair and other external compliance. When exactly was bred this breed is not known, but in the first half of the 16th century, the dogs imported to the Canary Islands, where pets and were given them another name – the Tenerife Bichon. Speaking of the “lap dog” title, then it is wrong, because the direction of Bologna refers to the subspecies represented species, but does not characterize all of its representatives. It is known that the Bichon Frise are divided into four main categories.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the presented dogs. The average pet has a growth of 25 cm to 30 cm and weighs about 5 kg. Dogs look very small, cute, especially their tender underlines fluffy and silky wool cover all parts of bright colors, as well as smart and beautiful eyes that look piercing gaze expressive. Build dogs quite neat and elegant. The dorsal part of the narrow and somewhat elongated tail is constantly in motion, always throw in the direction of the back. The head part looks in proportion with the whole body, the muzzle pointed at his head placed small ears that are completely covered with curly hairs. Dogs hairs in length can reach about 10 centimeters, which is why you need to regularly cut their pets (often haircut resembles a poodle haircut). The suits are found predominantly white color, often woolen cover solid white color, complemented by smaller markings darker colors.

The representatives of the Bichon Frise cheerful and peaceful distinctive character. In addition, for the owners dog is always faithful, distinguished courage. Pets have high intelligence data so easy to learn and perform even the most complex commands. During the training of dogs show their sense of duty and dedication. No wonder, it was Bichon Frise dogs are trained for professional performances at the circus arena, where they show a higher level of tricks.

If a dog previously submitted less valued, and they have received little attention, but now everything has changed greatly. Often, pupils take part in various exhibitions processes as ornamental pets. Thanks to their long hair they can do a variety of interesting haircuts or hairstyles that perfectly accentuate their individuality. Among other things, other than seeing eye dogs, well manifest themselves in the circus arenas, real artists, and in the home environment – affectionate pets.

From the first stages of breeding this species of dog is always to please their owners and are widely distributed, though, it took more than one century, these cute creatures Bichon Frise not lost its popularity, but rather the contrary, it gained even more. Since the number of presented dogs large, they do not belong to a rare breed.

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