American Hairless Terrier

Photos, description of breed American Hairless Terrier, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

Photos, description of breed American Hairless Terrier, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

Name of dog breed of American hairless terrier is fully consistent with their appearance, since no dogs body woolen blanket, and this is different species.

Origin of species originates from copies of US PET-terrier, and their appearance on the light appeared random, as in the state of Louisiana was born completely naked puppy, who became the founders of a new generation of dogs. In the second half of the 20th century (around 1970) the new history of American rock naked terriers. Excretion took over the family of Scott, because it was born to them such an unusual kid.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the species represented. The genetics of species represented traced the presence of a recessive gene, which directly depends on the absence of the coat, so carry pets to the unique genotype. In the world there are other lines of hairless dog breeds, which are created in Africa, Asia and parts of South America, but all of them do not have the same gene. In addition to genetic differences, as American naked Terriers have another tooth system, since it is fully formed. Often the body of representatives of this species resembles the shape of a square. Of course the body in dogs is very elegant and harmonious, at the same time they demonstrate the power and strength of the housing. The breed belongs to the light weight category, the average pet, having a growth of 30 cm and weighs approximately 5 kg. The head part somewhat elongated, like a pear on her head gently placed a medium-sized, lowered ears (they rise when the dog in the irritable condition). The tail is often necessary to stop at least a third of the entire length. Since the wool blanket on the body missing, suit different skin color. In most cases, the skin is white, but it may appear spots of different colors (red, light yellow, cream or gray).

Specific manners of dogs that are inherent in them from birth, different temperament and peaceful. Often acquire doggies as a family home for pets, where they fit perfectly and are friendly to all.

The original purpose of breeding is only in the breeding of these unusual dogs, so certain areas of the breed there. Practice has shown that in the house pets manifest themselves as excellent rat-catchers. Buying a puppy represented species, it is necessary to know in advance that as a watchdog they are not suitable, can freeze and catch a cold in the street. So, the American hairless terriers are best suited for a family of content, they will always find something to please their owners.

For rare species today, this breed is not the case, but to meet the dogs quite a rarity. The fact that their high cost and allow nude kids can imagine not everyone.

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