Appenzeller Mountain Dog, breed of dog

Photo, dog breed description of the Appenzeller mountain dog characteristics for cultivation and maintenance of the house

Photo, dog breed description of the Appenzeller mountain dog characteristics for cultivation and maintenance of the house

In addition to the representation of names from various sources is also found a title like: zennenhaud Appenzeller, the Appenzeller Mountain Dog.

Provenance begins in Switzerland, many centuries ago, during the Bronze Age. Today presented a variety is considered to be one of the national in Switzerland. Ancestor Appenzeller mountain dogs were mastiffs and rottweilers, strictly speaking, that is displayed on the external characteristics. The proper name of the breed was due to the removal place – town Appenzell.

Consider the exterior signs presented pets. The average dog has an increase from 50 cm to 60 cm and weighs about 25 kg. Build big enough, strong bone system. The body is massive, strong limbs, wide apart. The head part of a medium-sized, neatly placed on his head the ears that hang beautifully, and sometimes a little close dark eye dogs. Wool Animal cover different smoothness to the touch hairs are very nice. The colors are dark brown shades, rich black color in addition to the body visible bright red spots on the sides, in the thorax predominantly white spots, as well as on the legs and muzzle.

Specific manners doggies are ideal for family content. If the room is home to other pets, dogs are friendly to treat them. In addition, pupils have a positive attitude to children, they are ideal as a nanny. Anger and some animals may show alertness to unknown individuals, begin to behave like real guards. Dogs fairly mobile and need to spend all the energy, that is, with them have to walk regularly. Containing pets in a city apartment, it’s worth noting that they need their own space. Thanks to good intellectual abilities of animals is easy to teach even the most complex commands. Owners of these pets become good friends and companions.

The initial members of this species are often used for almost all farmers robot, which needed help. Also, dogs were used as herders, since in the process, they can deal with a large herd of cattle, besides dog watching sheep in the mountainous areas. Pets guarded ownership and their owners, warning of the dangers of loud barking. Sweethearts dragged carts with no heavy luggage. Over time, such assistance provided by the dogs became less necessary, therefore, to date, except pets loyal pet, will melt the brave rescuers.

It is known that Mountain Dog group is divided into four types, but the Appenzeller mountain dog is the least common. Presented breed is popular in limited regions of Central Europe, in other areas pets are not common and obscure. Despite the limited popularity, dogs do not belong to the rare species.

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