Photos, description dog breed Greyhound, characteristic for cultivation at home

Photos, description dog breed Greyhound, characteristic for cultivation at home

Representatives of the Alpine breed low beagle dogs have unique growth as pets is very short, compared to other varieties. In addition to the title proper, various sources indicate other names, such as: Austrian hunting dog or Greyhound.

Data on the species of origin of the original details have not yet been found. It is known that the species excretion occurred in the first half of the 19th century on the territory of Austria, but all the other can only guess.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the breed. Dogs have the appearance of the respective representatives of the Westphalian taksoobraznyh hounds. Distinguishing features are only in their size. Pets have a small structure built, often similar to the fee. Housing more elongated, and limbs are quite low. The average growth of the pet has from 30 cm to 40 cm. This inherent growth male members 35 cm-40 cm, and the female, in turn, 30 cm-35 cm. Waver in weight ranges from 13 kg to 15 kg. Other features of the breed are the following data: rounded muzzle; severe bone system; massive head part. The colors of the coat are found, ranging from brown to black in color, with a characteristic color transfusion singed. White spots on the body not found. Wool cover plentiful and relatively short hairs themselves. Besides all described, the main distinctive feature of pets are their unusual expressive eyes looking piercing gaze.

Typical animal manners are always characterized by endurance, care and full readiness to defend itself under any circumstances. Similar requirements are checked for hunting exams with other species of hunting dogs. Kennel persistently not recommended to keep pets at home, although dogs and great companions, and, at first glance, have infinite peaceful. Alpine low hounds differ thirst for independence, thrust and endurance. Each Austrian hunter dreams of this faithful assistant despite the fact that dogs are able to work even taking cold trail.

Initially, the use of species was to conduct mountain races. In addition, they are inherent in the ability to conduct hunting large animals, no matter at what location. Due to the high level of endurance, where ordinary hounds may only move spruce, alpine representatives can also conduct the hunt. Particularly popular pets in the circles of professional gamekeepers and hunters.

On our territories spread representatives of this breed is not, and in general, all over the world is hard to find these unique specimens as afford them, not everyone can. The highest number of animals registered at the Austrian territory, as they love to local hunters.

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