Broholmer Dog Breed Or Starodatskaya, description

History of the origin, description and characteristics broholmer, content and photos

History of the origin, description and characteristics broholmer, content and photos

The official name of the variety is provided broholmer, but apart from this title, found in various sources and more – dog starodatskie.

Excretion occurred on the territory of Denmark, during the 19th century. English mastiffs and Great Danes (they were dogs that lived a long time in Denmark, but they were originally imported from Germany), which were considered by local pets: In the formation of the following breed canine line were used. In the final results, powerful and massive breed of dogs were bred. However, during the Second World War, the number of representatives broholmer significantly decreased as the animals really very large, respectively, they need good nutrition to maintain their shapes and distinguished by a strong appetite, due to which contain such animals as pets was very hard. Several years passed, and in the second half of the 20th century (around the 70th of the year), the number is gradually restored and soon starodatskie again began to spread.

With regard to the external characteristics of the dogs presented, they have a massive physique, but they are quite compact. The average pet has growth from 65 cm to 75 cm, and weight in this case is approximately 60kg. The head part of an unusual shape that somewhere between the heads of mastiffs and Great Danes. Thorax convex, broad and in-depth. The dorsal region is strong, and almost the entire length of the line. The cotton cover pretty hard, small hairs and straight. Colors wool occur predominantly red or black palette. In a solid black color allowed small white spots in the chest area, on the limbs and tail tip.

Presented almost fearless dog, they have a high level of intelligence, but do not know how in the right direction to use its energy storage, so you need to be able to lead pets. From an early age education must be strict, but also to the dogs need to pick up a special approach. Pets are different sensitivity to weak personalities, so their owner should be goal-oriented and self-confident person, as energetic as his favorite. With a harmonious relationship the owner and his pet in the final results will grow a great broholmer, which will serve as a true faith. To maintain good physical shape, you need to constantly train the dogs, giving various forms of regular exercise.

Used starodatskoy representatives of the breed as a hunter or guards. Also involve animals as the dedicated and brave guard, the latter requires special training to dogs guided by clear instructions.

Earlier it was mentioned that during the Second World War the breed significantly minimize livestock, although the number is gradually growing, a few years ago was considered an extinct species of dogs. At present, the dog days are increasingly distributed and characterized as hardy and resistant animals that appeared certain type of qualities. Despite the small number broholmer, they do not belong to a rare breed, and they, albeit a small number, has been established.

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