Briquette, description of dog breeds

Dog breed description briquette, history of origin, characteristics and photos

Dog breed description briquette, history of origin, characteristics and photos

In addition to the representation of names, from various sources it is also found title as “artesian dog.”

Origin of species preform begins in the northern areas of France, in a small provincial town – Artois. For breeding dogs of this breed were involved enough copies of ancient varieties of cops, as well as the newer breeds of hounds direction. The biggest contribution to the elimination of briquette dogs have representatives pointer species.

Let us consider in more detail the external characteristics of these dogs. The average pet has growth from 50 cm to 60 cm, and weight in this case is approximately 20 kg. The neck is strong enough animals and elongated. The head part is wide, with a beautiful little face of rectangular shape. On pretty attractive face can be seen a black nose and small eyes. Eyes pets parts all dark, deep-set, which makes them look somewhat shrill sad and melancholic appearance. Strong back smoothly into the tail section, which harmoniously complements it. The cotton cover is very thick and dense hairs rather tough. The colors in the rock there are various, especially popular dark colors: black, all shades of brown and pure white cover. In addition, the inherent breed tri-colored suit.

Some traits are transmitted by means of genetic predisposition, therefore all dogs are different breeds of briquette cheerfulness, high intelligence development, and pets are very active and are constantly trying to direct their energy on all sorts of physical activities. The greatest number of manners characteristic inherited from the variety of their distant ancestors – pointers and some specimens of hounds. Animals briquette purposefully trying to carry out the tasks assigned to them, as they are hospitable to strangers, but much depends on education. During the training of dogs dutiful and obedient.

Application of rock cake depends on their capacity. Because dogs are very hardy and have a very subtle scent, they are happy to take the huntsmen in their hunting trips. Pets are distinguished by the fact that they are able to work not only in the standard locations, but also in difficult places. During the hunting process, the animals show a clear stance. Success is achieved pets for hunting small animals like rabbits or foxes, but it also depends on the initial education. Some owners are trained dogs as more trained hunters specializing in the conduct of hunting other directions. From an early age is necessary to gain credibility with briquettes, then they will be obedient and loyal pets. Education should be tough, but at the same time without aggression, patience to train dogs. With proper training and quality content in the final results will receive a host of dedicated and intelligent friend who will not leave in the lurch.

Wide variety of popular representations have not reached, the same goes for their distribution, but would still like dogs are not registered to a rare species.

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