Bull Terrier breed description

Description and history of the origin of the breed bull terrier, characteristics, content and photos

Description and history of the origin of the breed bull terrier, characteristics, content and photos

Dogs Bull Terrier breed are the true knights of old, the fact that previously, despite its rush to the host, the animals would have never started a fight with someone weaker than himself, which is why they were called “bylymi knights.”

Excretion represented species involved in the first half of the 19th century. Then, to create a common dogs Bulldogs with Spanish cops were involved, as well as terriers Old English origin, all of them combined using the method of reproductive crossing. Originally bred for pets sport (at that time the most popular), while “sport” called fighting dogs and bulls is quite difficult. Before the creation of this breed of dogs took part in the fighting Bulldogs, but compared to the bull terrier, they are very quiet, and as newly-made variety, they on the contrary – more aggressive. About two decades later, the light produced is also completely white color bull terrier dog species.

Let us consider in more detail exterior characteristics presented dogs. The design of the body is powerful, similar to the more square, barrel-shaped body, the shoulders strong, well evident relief. The head portion and an elongated oval, it appears on a massive, muscular jaws with beautiful teeth are proportional to the dogs went to the times when they were used for bull baiting. The average pet has growth from 40cm to 50cm, and weight in this case is approximately 55kg. The tail is quite narrow, in the horizontal position. Wool cover animals are very hard, but what is interesting is fairly smooth, a bit like a silky gloss. Colours are varied, but there are representatives of Bull Terriers, which are separated from the standard dog in another line, since they have a solid white color and were withdrawn after the standard copies. Among bull terrier dog found a black, brown suit, as are tiger or spotted coat colors.

The first representatives of different varieties of terrier aggressive and violent manners characteristic, since it is such qualities were needed for battle with the bulls. Over time, these bloodthirsty entertainment were banned, however, as the bull-baiting, or the further development of the evil characters in dogs. The consequences of this have become breeding pets like cute and friendly, if you were born with instances of excessive aggression, they are defective. Today, bull terriers are known for their devotion, delicacy and sense of duty. Bringing up can be almost any quality, as long as training began at an early age under the guidance of the owner. It is not recommended to train animals to aggression, as in the final results may be not controlled.бультерьер2

In our time for what some unresolved entertainment Bull Terriers are not used, at least officially. Dogs perfectly cope as guard dogs or guards. They trust their possessions, but also become a bodyguard. For pets presents no difficulties catching rodents. Increasingly, there are bull terriers, which are bred for ornamental areas.

Introduced species of ancient enough, so, as before, is very popular all over the world actually. Since the breed is widely spread, bull terriers are not considered to be a rare dogs.

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