Bernese hound dog breed

Photos, description dog breed Bernese Hound, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description dog breed Bernese Hound, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

In the second part of the name of dog breed Bernese Hound, you can predict the direction of the species because, like other hounds instances, Bernese representatives are hunting dogs.

Provenance Berne hound species is divided into two once the breed as pets are the direct representatives of the Swiss hound dog line. Ancestor breed specimens are hunting dogs, which once bred on the shores of the Nile River, and animals brought Phoenician dealers in Switzerland. Later, in the surroundings of Berne, the Swiss hounds to breed dogs, and eventually created a new species, which will be discussed.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the Bernese copies. dogs body design quite massive and powerful, clearly expressed muscularity. The average pet has increasing from 35 cm to 45 cm and weight in this case is approximately 20 kg. On his head neatly placed enough and long hanging ears, look like little cones. The tail is medium-sized dogs, is more curved, but pets inherent keep the tail in a horizontal direction. The eyes are large, expressive, dark shades of all parts, which gives the piercing and wise look. The colors of the coat part of all white, but not solid, and with the presence of different spots or marks. Note: under conditions that wool cover very thick, color is of three colors.

The nature of that inherent in animals, appears in fact, when they go to the masters of hunting trips. There they demonstrate their endurance, determination and courage. Speaking of home behavior, dogs always behave calmly and quietly, but it also depends on the initial training, as well as, indeed, other qualities. Keep animals persistently locked is not recommended, because they can get sick or be in a constant depressive anguish. It endorses the constant movement or other physical activities, to dogs can spend their energy.

The initial goal was to create breeding dogs that do an excellent job with hunting tasks. The main tasks for the species is represented gon production. Often acquire pets as pets because they are loyal, intelligent and friendly. Only have a few conditions of home detention. Firstly, the animals rather own, which is why they need their own space (considerable!). Secondly, regular exercise, walking and other physical activities options for splashing accumulated energy. And finally, the third condition, from time to time provide the opportunity to hunt doggies as the makings of a hunter they laid in genetics.

Bernese dog hounds are not very popular because they are quite individual species, but, and dogs do not belong to the rare species.

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