American Eskimo Dog, breed of dog

Photos, description breed dog American Eskimo Dog, characteristic for the maintenance of the house

Photos, description breed dog American Eskimo Dog, characteristic for the maintenance of the house

Representatives of the American Eskimo dogs are quite common throughout the world, except that they are recognizable, puppies are very cute and charming, which is why they fell in love with many people not only in the limited space of their elimination – the United States. In addition to the main titles, in various sources and found another name species – American Dog.

The origin of this species has its origins in the second half of the 19th century. The first pet was born on American territory, and was originally called the American Eskimo dogs, by the way, this name is used to this day. The initial removal took place with the help of representatives from the German Spitz. As for the officially recognized name of the breed, its existence began with the time when the breed recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKS), in the first half of the 20th century. In the second half of the same century, around 1970, the club was established, which is engaged in guarding the processes of the American Eskimo Dog. Even closer to the 21 th century, the pupils were divided into three groups, and carried to the unsportsmanlike dogs.

Consider the exterior features of the animals presented. Wool cover dogs sufficiently dense. Hairs come in many colors: from glowing white to pearly or creamy. The main reasons for the separation of species represented in the three different facial features are of different sizes physique. There are large, small and dwarf dogs. Large representatives have an increase of about 45 cm and weighing up to 16 kg. Another subgroup of small dogs in height reaches 35 cm and a weight of 5 kg – 10 kg. Finally, the most miniature pawl which increase becomes about 25 cm, and the weight waver near 5 kg to 10 kg (less than – the more valued). The body is massive and power system hard bone, but compact. The head of the dog with a muzzle like small and cute bear cubs. Ears are quite tiny, rounded shape, and she bit short muzzle.

Acquire dogs presented species are often active owners, because pets love to walk, run, play and frolic. Once in the new habitat, puppies bistro and adapt perfectly accustomed to new people. Dogs belong to the family type, as they are well behaved with children. In addition, it looks very cute animals and beautiful creatures, they also have incredible intellectual abilities and easily trained. For them, every serious training turns into the next game, and everything you need to quickly catch the dog. Since these pets love to be the center of attention, the owners of them will not be able to forget, and under the conditions that the dogs live in an apartment, then forget about them and the neighbors will be able to, because puppies and love-voiced bark.

Application of representatives of the American Eskimo breed is to acquire a loyal and cheerful friend. For the family dog ​​will try to carefully protect the ownership and most owners. If pets are constantly watching and the owners will soon be understood at a glance.

From the beginning, launch, pupils were seen and became darlings of dog owners. The breed is very popular, doggie friendly and quickly attached to the man, giving only the best. It provided a rare species is not true.

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