Turkish Angora (Angora cat), breed description

Description of the breed Turkish Angora cat (Angora cat), the nature, content and photos

Description of the breed Turkish Angora cat (Angora cat), the nature, content and photos

History of Turkish Angora variety dates back several centuries. For the first time representatives of the breed were observed in Ankara (capital of Turkey). Soon the cats began to spread to other parts of the world, such as Europe, where livestock have been imported in the first half of the 16th century. Primitive European country dwelling pet was France, followed by Great Britain and other European countries.

For its own conformation traits cats have medium sized, graceful and refined the body, which is also characterized by excessive flexibility; legs are not very long, fine and elongated at the terminals; long, profusely hairy tail; head in the form of V-leaf trim nose, large and expressive eyes, a rounded shape. The representatives of the Turkish angora wool stands out cover. Hairs are medium and longer average length. Externally hair silky, satin-like, and without an undercoat. Fur coat has a completely different and original shades, but the most highly valued by the snow-white color.

The nature of great pets, are good to others, happy to play with the children. For property owners become attached quickly, adapt well to the new environment, they have a calm disposition, intelligence, activity and special dedication.

For unpretentious care, except the wool. The coat of the Turkish angora need daily and carefully combed the special brush and bathing periodically with vitamin rinses the coat. In the spring and summer cat intensive molt, which is a big disadvantage in these intervals, the best added to the diet of many different vitamin supplements. Note that most domestic pets blue-eyed snow-white color are born deaf or with significant hearing defects.

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