Belgian Mastiff (Matin), description

Description of the dog breed Belgian Mastiff (Belgium Matin), characteristics, origin story and photo

Description of the dog breed Belgian Mastiff (Belgium Matin), characteristics, origin story and photo

Representatives of the Belgian Mastiff in various sources referred to as: the Belgian or Flemish Matin sled dog.

The history of origin of this species begins in Belgium, about the first half of the 17th century. Belgian mastiffs are among the first mastiff similar trends in Belgium. By the second half, the dog presented the 17th century, enjoyed high popularity and spread rapidly around the world. Was used for pets or as teams of sled dogs. Since the initial launch target has been achieved, the animals began to withdraw more and more owners.

Consider the exterior features of the Belgian Matin. The design of the body is fairly strong, clearly visible muscles, build a few broad and massive, with long limbs and relief. The average pet has growth from 70 cm to 80 cm, and weight in this case is approximately 45 kg. Physical animals characterizes them as serious and aggressive individuals, looking at them, the opportunity to see the strength and reliability. The neck is a very solid and strong, gently into wide head area where clearly visible transition to a muzzle. With the birth of the puppies is inherent in the existence of flews. On his head placed ears, having the shape of a triangle, that hang down. Despite the fact that the figure provided at the species is very massive, its structure and relief tightened. The ventral part is always elastic, the chest is deep and wide. The tail is docked at the animals often 10 cm – 15 cm, but it is best left to professionals. The colors of the coat are all parts of fawn or tiger prints. In the presence of congenital spots puppies are not married. Note: dogs solid red color, has the presence of black muzzle.

The character of different severity, as dogs are actually very wise. Due to the high level of intelligence, pupils are able to perform many difficult teams. Dogs purposeful and hardy, making them excellent workers. In addition to the inherent characteristic of morals from birth, all the other features you need to vaccinate and educate from an early age.

Originally, the breed has been bred for trips and as sled dogs. In the process of removing all of the goals have been achieved, so thanks to their strength and perseverance, the animals are able to perform all the necessary commands.

Over time, the representatives of the Belgian Mastiff disappeared, and later on their standard, nobody paid attention, leading to their partial loss. Today, virtually no need sled dogs, as has long there are different variations of transport, because of which the need to acquire and pets similar direction – no. Some breeders are still trying to recover strength, hopefully successfully.

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