Australian kangaroo hound, breed of dog

Photos, description Australian kangaroo dog breed greyhound breeding characteristic for home and contents

Photos, description Australian kangaroo dog breed greyhound breeding characteristic for home and contents

There are several breeds of dogs Australian Greyhound name variations used by different sources, these include the following titles: Australian greyhound, greyhound kangaroo, kangaroo dog.

The origins of Australian greyhounds began in Australia. The original purpose of breeding the breed is the ability to protect themselves from kangaroos, which often cause significant damage to farmers. In order to create a new generation of dogs, we used the reproductive crossing method, which was attended by representatives greyhaundskoy dirhaundskoy and rocks. In the final results came to light fast, agile, nimble sobachatami who from birth inherent instinct of a hunter and guard. Since that time, pets have become real helpers for owners of farm lands, protects ownership of the marsupials.

Looked pets follows. Most of the external characteristics of the dog greyhaundskih inherited from ancestors. Exterior details animals look harmonious. Especially highlighted Pets growth in height (up to 76 cm), the average weight – about 35 kg. Dogs possess: medium size, narrow and elongated head portion; animal ears abundantly pressed to the head and sent back; looking at the end of the ear, you may notice that they relate to the horizontal placement of the neck. Housing sufficient relief; rounded edges and convex; muscular chest. Wool cover representatives of the Australian greyhound species rather short, hard. The suits are mainly light, in most cases white predominates.

As to the nature of dogs, then peaceable disposition in their intentions is not enough. Pets often behave without restraint, they are sharp and friendly attitude can only private owners, which they faithfully serve. By family type breed include hard, because if a family has children, the dog is not able to play with them, on the contrary can hurt, so kids better not to allow the animal.

The initial removal of Australian greyhound breed is to help hunt the kangaroo, but now such a feature is absolutely useless. The fact that kangaroos today is under the full protection of Australian law, so no dog is not allowed to hunt for marsupials. Despite this, a variety of birth have a craving for the hunt, so this desire to satisfy the knowledge of hunting small animals, which are not forbidden to destroy. In addition, pets are accepted to use as the home guards. It is best to keep dogs in an environment where they have complete freedom, because to keep in shape, pets need to move a lot.

Today the Australian breeding greyhound breed quite popular, so many species belongs to. Despite the large number of dogs, they are also rare and valuable pets, so it is possible to purchase a dog is not for everyone.

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