Burmilla Shorthair, breed description cats

Photos, description breed shorthair cats Burmilla, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breed shorthair cats Burmilla, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

The past century has become incredibly important in the processes of new breeds of cats, one of the varieties produced by the 20th century – was Burmilla Shorthair. Derived by representatives of this type were in the areas of Albion in the early eighties. First Burmilla cat shorthair appeared completely unpredictable and random. In one of the many crosses and Persian chinchilla breed Burmenskaya result was stunning – the light was made an unusual and fascinating breed. Newborn kittens looked incredibly cute, it has an original, like a little blurred, silvery color the coat color. With each new generation took over the various other pets shades wool coats. And soon excessive studies of the Burmese and Burmilla Shorthair multiple mating with other species has led to even greater diversity, and improve the cats and their appearance. Officially recognized by the species was in 1989 GCCF organization, and soon (1994) and other associations – FIFe.

Do pets exterior has such information: a medium-sized, small body, weighing approximately 4-7 kg; constitution in cats has clearly expressed relief at the same time refinement; rather short legs, thin and strong, rounded end; a small, neat head placed medium size, broadly located ears, with little aggravations at the tips; large, expressive, round or oval eyes, with an unusual golden color or emerald; COAT cats fairly short but covers all the body abundantly dense hairs. The colors of wool across diverse and divided into several varieties. There is a painting of a tiger – on a black or blue solid color clearly marked spots of other colors. Solid coloring – monophonic abundantly covered with hair coloring, and color There are also diverse: cream, black, black British species, Bombay, tortoiseshell. There are in the rock smoky colors (dark chocolate or black) and the solid, which is the first representative of the whole race Burmilla Shorthair (from purple to dark brown shades). Coat pet of this breed is fairly sensitive, and therefore requires constant nursing care, but it’s nothing compared to what it looks like with proper care woolen coat cute Burmilla.

As representatives of pets is not conflicted, speak calm disposition, not every pet can get used to all who are near, and so, the breed does not have a problem with it. Females in itself, good-natured, constantly something is played, and especially like to choose their own entertainment items.

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