American Curl cat

Photos, description cat breed American Curl, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description cat breed American Curl, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Since ancient times, mankind has almost always been the case with dogs. The reasons for such a craving for dogs can be quite easy to explain. For people who are in need of constant care, a true friend and someone important who will never be able to bring the dogs were indispensable beings. Time passed, people have created over time, which they picked up a little earlier and thinking about breeding cats. Previously, these creatures are not considered pets, they simply roam the streets, forests and other different areas, continuing to surprise others with their external data. Then many who liked cats, began to think about breeding and popularization of the cat. In the study it took a lot of strength, resources and time. Once it’s time to explore the variety of which will be discussed below, this breed of cat called the American Curl. The name is actually nothing says, and in many versions pronounce our language is also not true, because the cats likely homeland called “keel” than our version of the “curl”. Meaning it does not change, the representatives of the American Curl differs from another rock original, cute ears, interestingly curled. Representatives of the American “curl” is considered a rare and expensive breed of cats which difficult to get and cheap. Bred species was in the second half of the 19th century (about 1981) in the California territories.

The prevalence of cats is a special part of the ears. Externally, the ears are not large, just hanging around, forms like the horns. These features give the cats a unique form of attractive face: sweet, extended face, with an interesting and artful expression. The breed American Curl is divided into two groups: short-haired and long-haired. In short-haired cats incredible woolen cover, more like a satin or silk, a long-haired soft, luxurious wool that does not fall rapidly during the molt, and does not give much trouble in courtship for pets with long fur. With species breeding times, the cat immediately began to treat aristokrat royal breeds, including their special and irresistible. The general opinion cats associations influenced the evaluation of the breed American Curl, as it turned out, a representative of the royal birth for the purchase of ordinary people is almost impossible, it is one of the downsides. In progress are also not going to stop anybody, scientists immediately began working hard on procreation and the improvement of offspring. Talking about the American species, many organizations recognize the cats ideal, so interesting to watch over the processes and methods of scientists in the United States, which will improve so hard and so incredible breed of cats. With each new offspring appearance American Curl changed from what in particular depends on the price indices for the representative, practical constantly growing up.

As royal representatives in pets is very quiet and calm disposition, and cats behave like true royals. In everyday life it is impossible to describe the breed as quarrelsome, irritable or conflict. Females more gentle, polite, constantly cheerful, love to have fun and play, among them all the inherent traits, exceeds the scope of curiosity. Similar unusual pet to find and buy hard enough. For example, in our territories kittens appeared recently, despite the fact that the American Association of cats refuse to import the species in our country. Only a year of persuasion from the United States were exported to several representatives of the American kurl, but due to the fact that a long period of time, we were not available, Pets dispersed very quickly. This inaccessibility has made himself king breed closed for much of the population. Worldwide, cats, bred in California, and not lit very well. Especially famous Slavic cat by crossing the American Curl and other species, cats lovers have incredible outcomes, the results of their own won Europe, South Africa. In Slavic US representative was named the best American Curl derived internationalization-division of eminent organization CFK at the beginning of the 20th century (2000). For further offspring suitors carefully selected brides tend to bring with them to Tallinn (Boomer Smaragd) or Africa (Samoa Gems).

For all the American Curls showed themselves as good friends and helpers. Pets easily bring the tired newspaper owner, will help to reassure the children, well understand and support in difficult situations owners. Hosts American kёrlov completely satisfied with the purchase of a personal, as friends, as they claim, it is impossible to buy or sell. A set of cups in the world kotyachih exhibitions have won our representatives, most of them focused on species that are walking alone, taking the fact that the Californian pets reside in large companies, and in any case do not rise above the others, although it is quite allows cats own royal status.

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