Arabian Mau cat

Photos, description cat breed Arabian Mau, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description cat breed Arabian Mau, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

The breed, which will be discussed, is considered unofficial and is not registered as an independent. Arabian Mau cats of breed associations and recognized by some of the participants than solid institutions, recognized the variety cat only for a while. Breed origin is traced near the Persian Gulf, on the Middle East. The modern world has recognized the representatives of the Arabian Mau standard kotyachih inhabitant in 2008, but as the breed is native, the status and independence of international organizations receive will not succeed. All that cats can count data – with the systematization of the qualification.

Cats breed Arabian Mau possess the conformation characteristics: muscular, medium-sized and toned body; tall, strong legs with rounded paws, similar to the oval shape; rather short tail, broad at the base and narrower towards the end; on a round head gently from side to side big ears are placed; Head rounded, slightly prolonged; cats in the profile are clearly visible the contours of faces, clearly pronounced whisker pads and chin. At the touch of pets (especially young cats) silky, soft, and lack of undercoat makes it possible to strongly grasp the woolen blanket. Coat liberally covers all the small trunk. The eyes of the representatives of the Arabian Mau large, oval-shaped, and color harmony suitable for woolen coat. Cats coat is more like silk or satin.

As a kind of aborigines main coloring consists of brown (inherent patterns for Asia) shades. There are exceptional instances with gray color and beautiful tabby pattern. In addition, representatives of the Arabian Mau have a variety of colors. The color is pure white, without all sorts of spots and darkish shades, the color even more close to the snow-white. Caught completely black cats, color is very saturated, and with proper care looks compelling.

Crossing of two representatives of the breed of white and black color, showed interesting results when the newborn kittens had a black-and-white color, with strong black or white spots, in no case did not present other not clear shades.

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