Mini-Pig Bergshtresser Knirt, beetles

Photos, description pigs mini-pig breed Bergshtresser Knirt, characteristic for keeping home care

Photos, description pigs mini-pig breed Bergshtresser Knirt, characteristic for keeping home care

If we translate the name of the breed of pigs mini pigov Bergshtresser Knirt from the original language, it is the “beetles” yielding. So funny name breed called more than the original “bergshtresser Knirt” (agree that this is a more serious name for a breed). Currently pig gained popularity in many countries and continents territories. Initially, the kids were taught to live in small apartments or small houses, which impacted fully on the essence of their existence. The species is considered to be one of the smallest pigs in the whole world! The dimensions with the beetles can be compared only pets myayyalino breed. Multiyear practice has shown that mature pig mini-pigs not exceed fifteen kilograms of live weight. It would not have told the facts right now there is no longer such great representatives of the world. Basically, the weight of the animals up to ten kilograms. In the territories of Great Britain, Europe and parts of the United States, bergshtresser Knirt regard fully domesticated breed, pets are used to living with people and please them every day.

For Exterior Features varieties are quite an interesting color, which is characterized by crisp white main colors, with the presence of small black spots, as well as mini-piggies that possess the body of a saturated black, with white spots.

Representatives bergshtresser Knirt very well adapted to living together with people, therefore, have the appropriate qualities in behavior. Features pigs their peacefulness, kindness and understanding. Their attachment to the property owner is not inferior to a dog, even more kids are constantly bored by the owners, and when they are at home, your pets will be constantly underfoot and help create visibility. The original country of breeding varieties of Germany, as you can guess from the name. Mini piggies as compared with small dogs. It is known that the basic rock from which pupils and went, had standard features, even in weight-pig ancestors weighed seventy kilos areas. In the first half of the 20th century, using the method of selection of painstaking research, unusual tiny beetles were created that are now known all over the world. For small animals do not care where dwell and to please the owners of their own. The main priorities for them to be the center of attention, to get used to all staff (whether animal or human), and most importantly – to be loyal and good companions for those who have tamed them.

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