Belgian giant or Flandre

Giant rabbit breed Flanders, content, description, photos

Giant rabbit breed Flanders, content, description, photos

Externally long enough animals (up to 1 m) and a muscular body, their breed is considered the largest meat. Mostly males and females is large and broad neck, a long (up to 18 cm) thick, wide and protruding ears. The lower side of the neck in rabbits provided with fold or dewlap. Their average body weight of about 6-7 kg, sometimes they reach the weight of 12 kg.

The breed is divided into a number of varieties: gray rabbit (they suit the most common in our area, outwardly they look like wild field hare), dark gray (Flanders of this type can be compared to a kangaroo), and finally, it is very rare, but there are also black individuals with little enlightenment for the belly and the inner parts of the endings.

Belgian giants bred in private households, and are considered to be very widespread breed in our regions. Experience has shown that rabbit of this breed is very prolific, for an average of once born 8-10 rabbits, which quite rapidly and in a short time (approximately 60 days) gain up to two kilograms.

Among the shortcomings can add a rabbit late ripening, it needs 5-6 months to happen again, and the rudeness of skeleton, a departure which is up to 60%.

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