Mini-pig breed Mayyalino

Photos, description pigs breed mini Mayyalino, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description pigs breed mini Mayyalino, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Resident of Italy, by the name of Stephanie Morin, managed to make incredible – bring the smallest species of pigs worldwide. In practice, it is proved that the maximum weight, which may have representatives mini pigov breed mayalino, waver in intervals of ten kilograms. As a child, pigs do not exceed the weight at a pound, live weight sometimes comes to six hundred grams.

The initial removal was directed not only to delight presented with miniature pigs, but also take into account the factor of the spread of content for home pets, unfortunately, the process proved to be impossible. It’s all about high breed capriciousness. Mini piggies need a special habitat for growth and development, as well as a lot of kids need to make their own reproductive quality work. The external shape and dimensions of a mini-mayyalino not exceed the size of cats, even at the maximum age. Similar qualities of compactness and miniaturization ensure kids recognition and love by the owners. It may seem that the small size of only quality predominance over other mini pigami, but no. In addition, representatives mayalino have extraordinary mental abilities, they are considered quite resourceful. In addition to scientists engaged in breeding varieties of ordinary pig-lovers, who have proven that simple commands like “sit”, “down” or “place” for kids do not make absolutely no difficulty in execution. With the continuous development of intellectual abilities of miniature pigs, it has the opportunity to teach them how to bring slippers, even teach various dance movements. No matter how many years did not have kids, pets always behave like little pigs. They just need to constantly play, frolic. But beware, just a few minutes, your apartment or house can turn into a place for games, restlessness and energy representatives miyalino seems to have no limit. There were special cases where for a small offense, caused by pigs, the answer is not forced to wait long. The answer could be, for example, the incredible chaos in the room.

Exterior characteristics that are inherent in the variety, are in a beautiful body, which is covered with abundant basic coloring of black saturated colors. Interestingly, immediately at birth pets have certain birthmark, it is either black and white or completely white flowers.

From the very beginning of creation, the animals would be used for donors’ processes in medicine, it was aimed at helping people. But as the first goal there was not entirely successful, the original variety was bred miyyalino that hit the whole world with their own size, and won the hearts of many people. These unusual mini-piggies are in the place of honor rating of the most popular pets, which pleased bred pig-lovers.

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