Mexican hairless pig

Photos, breed description of the Mexican hairless pigs, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, breed description of the Mexican hairless pigs, characteristic for home breeding

Presented Mexican hairless breed of pig is also often referred to as the Yucatan breed pigs. Primordial place of breeding pigs are in Central America and Mexico (which becomes clear from the title). The representative of the variety carried out various studies. At the moment, such an active interest from the point of view of science, scientists will justify the fact that these pupils have precisely this size bodies, as people, as well as very similar to human skin structure. The title says that pigs bald, and indeed so called, but pigs still is not abundant, but stiff bristles.

Exterior Features Mexican hairless animals are as follows: porcine growth reaches 50-70 cm in adulthood; live weight is about 85-95 kg. Pets are found, usually with silver or gray shades of the body. Externally animals practically glow with the brilliant pigment structure.

These kids have high qualities of friendliness and peaceful. To get used to the new conditions of pets enough bistro, they can easily adapt to new conditions, and they can take with them on a journey, because pigs tolerate transportation with great pleasure.

Those who have a weakness for breeding provided varieties, it is necessary to know some of the mandatory rules of content kids. For example, pigs should regularly take to the veterinarian. Because health – a top priority for the pigs. Yucatan pigs, unfortunately, have a poor immune system, they can easily become infected by any disease of their relatives. Also, when breeding these animals, be sure to have a special vaccination pass, where all medical information about toddlers will persist. In practice, it is proved that the main causes of disease in the breed are those reasons: hypothermia, infection of skin parasites that carry various ailments, helminth defeat. In addition, the pigs rooting inherent otitis, so you need to constantly clean their ears to prevent the disease. Often, inexperienced breeders attempt to influence the process of recovery of the Mexican pigs that may end in failure. It is important to know if you do not have any expertise in the treatment of various porcine diseases should consult a specialist.

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