Mini Highland cow

Breed mini Highland cows, photo, description, characteristic for cultivation in Ukraine and Russia

Breed mini Highland cows, photo, description, characteristic for cultivation in Ukraine and Russia

Let’s talk a little about the dwarf breeds of cows. In our region, they are still more exotic, but many farmers around the world are able to evaluate all the advantages of the breed. The positive qualities of these cows are clear: simplicity, endurance, high-quality meat.

Highland feel well in all weather conditions. They can be grown easily in countries where it is constantly hot and a little green, or vice versa, in areas where the permanent rain or snow. Highland breed adapts to the most severe weather conditions thanks to good immunity, and its small size. Despite their small size, these cows have large curled horns, so in case of danger can protect themselves from almost any predator. Its huge cow horns are used only in extreme cases, and its owner are very confidently and safely, in addition, they are very attractive.

Such a small cattle breed was created by breeders around Scotland and has a number of distinctive features bright. The first catch huge horns, which are widely planted and directed sharp ends forward. Due to its large horns of cows can protect yourself in any dangerous situation. Another feature of the Highland breed is long, slightly twisted wool, which protects from various weather phenomena. The most common color of cows – red, also appears gray, black and yellow coat color.

Created Highland breed in conditions of high temperature extremes and weather events that made her very hardy and strong. Soon, this breed has become very popular among farmers from all over the world. Ever since the last century Highland cows began to export beyond the borders of the chapels – in America and Australia. Despite the fact that at home these cows climate is very severe, quite cold and damp, they are perfectly adapted to life in temperate countries, and even where there is very hot. Long hair allows the animal to feel comfortable at low temperatures and do not sweat too much from the constant high temperatures.

Another advantage over other breeds – the ability to find food in the places difficult to achieve. This is especially important if the area does not have a lot of greenery, or it is hidden in places where it is not able to reach a large cattle.

Highland Cows breed became very popular among the countries where the winters are very harsh and frosty. Long and thick coat protects the animal from the low temperatures and spiny wind. There may even spend the winter in small buildings with little insulation, and during the warm period and all can sleep in the open air, only hidden under cover in time deposits. May move freely within the fragile mountain soil, climbing on top of the best in search of food, which is a good alternative goats or sheep.

All these qualities are presented with cows Highland breed over others. Multiply it almost all his life, give a healthy offspring. Despite its size, rapidly gaining weight and you can take them to the beef. This is a very fast way to grow good beef will not put heavy effort at home. On the big farmland, cows breed Highland will save on the purchase of a large number of feeds.

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