Mini cow Vechur

Indian mini cow Vechur description, photos, characteristics

Indian mini cow Vechur description, photos, characteristics

More and more farmers begin to grow stunted cows, miniature breeds and breeders are working to improve milk yield and palatability of animal meat. One cow can feed the whole family, and a few thousand – the whole country. In India the cow is a sacred animal, it is worshiped and well disposed to his nurse. It is in this country is dominated by dwarf breeds of cows, there are more than 25. Over the study of old rocks and the creation of new works a Agricultural University, then managed to keep the world’s smallest breed of cows – Vechur. Adults reach a maximum of 90 cm at the withers and weigh about 100 kg. In these figures, cows Vechur provide a relatively large amount of milk – 3 kg. By all accounts cow breed Vechur surpassed Mexican cow, which was previously regarded as the smallest (height at the withers – 1st). Name breed Vechur received through the place of origin – the city Vechur in one of the states of India. Here for the first time fell in love with these animals due to the uncomplicated nature and products derived from cows. Little cows are in good health and calm nature, do not require a lot of food and attention, unpretentious to weather conditions.

Before our time and breed could not be saved. The fact is that in the last century, the Indian government pledged to increase the amount of milk production, resulting in dwarf breeds began to cross large. When the breed was on the brink of extinction, scientists woke up and began to revive the old breed. All return to normal was difficult enough: from all over India gathered representatives of pure highland species (about 30 cows and a bull) and by using scientific technologies were able to recreate the once common species.

Pure breed mini cows Vechur, without mixing with the other has a very good immunity and live a long time. Young individuals to easily adapt to the weather conditions, so almost sick, except in rare cases could catch a respiratory infection. If rock is not a purebred, it affects the health of the cows: are torturing diseases associated with intestinal tract, mouth and limbs. It is in the breed of cows Vechur be a gene that is responsible for a steady opposition to any disease. Scientists are working to use it to strengthen the immune system for other larger breeds.

Dwarf breed of cows can not surprise the big numbers in the right, but the truth is surprising Vechur fat cow’s milk, it is about 3.2 microns, and it is even greater than that of a goat, which is appreciated for the fat content. Due to such properties of milk, it is highly valued in traditional medicine. With milk Vechur treated at home and do drugs in order to industry.

In India Vechur cows have long proven themselves on the positive side, when this breed has become popular in other continents is unknown, but a relatively low price, strong immunity, and small size are attracting more and more attention to the small and large farmland. Perhaps in the future, this breed of cows will be one of the most popular.

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