Jersey breed cows

Dairy, Jersey cows breed in Ukraine, Russia, the description, photos, characteristics

Dairy, Jersey cows breed in Ukraine, Russia, the description, photos, characteristics

As we know, the oldest rocks are in good health and are resistant to any trouble. Jersey cow – this is exactly the kind of cows that are well known throughout the world and are proven in farming.

Cows of this breed is originally from the UK, so well adapted to the unstable weather conditions. These animals are easy to care for the meadows, while they do not harm the grass and the soil, because they do not trample down all around him. In the care is not very capricious, but if you do not adhere to basic rules of care, you can show your obstinate nature.

Jersey cows suited for fans of undersized species, because they usually do not grow much higher than 1 meter. The color is light brown, the bottom is dominated by the white color in the form of huge bright spots, which are located up to the hooves.

Male and female differ in the presence of a darker color. The bulls are usually near the head of the much darker than in cows, and on the ridge runs a dark stripe. Despite its small size, it has a huge head Jersey cows: big, broad forehead, strong jaw and neck sagging with lots of wrinkles. The trunk is small, wide pelvis, the average length of the tail. The udder is large, spherical shape with an average length of the nipples.

This cattle breed is considered one of the most productive and giving fat milk. In an average year Jersey cow produces up to 6000 kg of milk with a fat content of up to 8%. High levels of milk yield and fat content make it possible to contain the animals only as a dairy. To grow meat on sale is not appropriate.

The most important centers for the cultivation of cows is considered Jersey America and Western Europe. Which comes from the cow place is important, because in America, particularly the United States, the rock reaches this larger size, and at least good health. There may be up to 450 kg of weight in adulthood and 20 kg at birth.

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