Kholmogory breed cows, photos

Dairy Kholmogory breed cows, characteristics, photos, description

Dairy Kholmogory breed cows, characteristics, photos, description

Breed cows, which comes from Russia, and has long been known in this space. Dairy Kholmogory breed cows that are grown for many more centuries ago, so accurately calculate the origin of the breed is not possible. His name was given because of the place of origin of – Kholmogory district.

Weather conditions in these latitudes unstable, with large temperature jumps, so big and strong animal. The withers reaches more than 130 cm with a big head and chest. Tulupyev long, slightly sagging, long limbs and the average udder. The skin is thick and sturdy, medium sized horns.

The coat is short, usually black with large white spots all over the body, are less common cow brown and red colors and with large light spots. If Kholmogorskaya cow well-fed and kept clean and warm, you can receive in a year up to 4000 kg of milk. The fat content of the milk of the cow is relatively small – up to 4%. Adult holmogorskaja cow weighs on average 450 kg and the bull – about 1 tonne.

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