White rabbit termon

The breed rabbits - termonskaya white, photos, description, characteristic for home breeding

The breed rabbits – termon white, photos, description, characteristic for home breeding

Between the 19th and 20th centuries the white giant through a long process of selection of viable albino discharges Flandres was launched. Participation in the white termon breeding species were also taken giant Belgian and New Zealand White. Created breed is not in France and in Belgium, but in spite of this it is called white or French Thermon. Scientists are divided in their views, and most believe that this breed is between the other two types of rabbits. But later termon rabbits failed to show their own qualities, and later spread to the European and CIS countries. And in the CIS rabbits were relatively recently (in the second half of the 20th century through Poland).

They are well tolerated in European climate, fairly fertile, stable and not too whimsical to food. However, before their properties were much better that eventually kind of lost in comparison with their predecessors.

In animals, a beautiful compact body, long s big ass trunk, small with small red eyes head on extended neck, which gradually turns into the body. Ears are not thick, hairy and round the tips of 13-15 cm. The coat is not thick (3 cm), flexible, and snow-white matte.

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