How to feed the deposited rabbits

How to feed the rabbits after jigging from female rabbits (mother), manual feed

How to feed the rabbits after jigging from female rabbits (mother), manual feed

The most decisive moment in the life of young rabbits is their jigging from the mother, the next 10 – 15 days will be the most difficult as changing their place of residence, is added stress caused by the absence of the mother, other food and therefore a violation of the digestive system. Therefore, in the early days there is a risk of deaths among children.

The digestive system of rabbits is not fully formed and can not always cope with the quantity of food, and thus eat they have easy to digest food, and if specifically, the very young grass, hay, legumes, boiled potatoes, carrots, oats, concentrates, it is best to sprinkling in the feeder, carefully grind. As the food of animal origin may be a low-fat milk, fish and bone meal. Once the rabbits taken from the mother, they are fed, as well as before, the new products begin to enter in small portions, gradually. The water should drip a few drops of vitamin B, it will help relieve the stress of animals. The hay add the chicory plant, chamomile, St. John’s wort, burdock, branch plants, welcome as food and sour milk.

When rabbits overcome the painful moment of his life, they are transferred to the usual feed. Starting with 46 – 60 days of life, the animals must receive 70 – 125 g of feed, 61 to 90 days – 145 – 170 g, and 91 to 120 days – for 170 – 225 of calculating the food, it should be noted that 100 g feed should account for 16 – 17 grams of protein, as up to 5 months, the rabbits are growing rapidly.

In the household as a feed can be given to grass, hay, homemade food residues of all this preparing mixed feed for rabbits.

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