English Thoroughbred horse

Photos, description of the English Thoroughbred horse breed characteristics

Photos, description of the English Thoroughbred horse breed characteristics

It will focus on one of the most worthy and ancient breeds of horses. The breed of the English Thoroughbred horse was bred during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Asking the British breeder of the breed, he will definitely boast thoroughbred breeding species, therefore Great Britain animal called «throughbred», which means “created in full perfection.” In fact, it has something to boast about, because the English thoroughbred horses immediately superior to other breeds, even their own ancestors, and they were purebred Arabian horses. At this point, if we compare these two lines of pupils, the British representatives have a more massive body, they are significantly higher, and have greater strength, dexterity and agility.

Let us consider in more detail exterior characteristics such glorious variety. English Thoroughbred horses have beautiful physique, well-developed on the body relief. In addition to basic data about the constitution pets, directly depends on the breed type, as they exist few, share many variations of the size and proportions. Often mounts proficient enough mild body, besides horse compact and relief, thus perfectly able to move. The head part of an elegant and large, expressive eyes face piercing eyes. The neck is elongated and curved gently near the withers. Croup relief, raskoshennye shoulder joints, but there are also flat shapes shoulders. The limbs are clean, but very strong, they are clearly visible muscles. Due to the fact that the representatives of the English Thoroughbred horse breed true athletes, they are working hard on their features and body structures, so a thin layer of glossy skin, impossible not to notice the veins and muscles that are clearly manifested. Colours wool covers are standard, as in other species. The average height at the withers of about 170 cm.

The use of pets you can predict from the name, because they have incredible abilities in riding. Racehorses are also perfectly suited for a variety of trips, take the place of victory in overcoming the distance with obstacles, and hunters happy to take care of horses in a true friends.

Speed, which can develop the horse – in the areas of 70 kilometers per hour. Besides their speed and agility, they can also be energetically jump in grazing jumping, it is this feature is highly appreciated for the race barrier. As for the interior fittings of horses, they have a very quick gas exchange, and organs such as the heart and lungs are much larger than in other species of pets.

Watch British rock movements pleasure. The compact and strong physique, pets moving spacious steps during non-intensive trot, gallop animals can not be confused s what others, especially the tendency of horses to jump. Energy, speed and agility – qualities possessed by the representative of the English Thoroughbred species still s birth. Through quiet disposition, irrepressible courage and peaceful, these pets become the best friends of each owner who genuinely love them.

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