Gotland pony

Photos, description pony breed Gotland (skogsruss) characteristic

Photos, description pony breed Gotland (skogsruss) characteristic

Gotland ponies was launched into Swedish territory. You can distinguish them by using different colors: gray, red, dun, bay, roan and black horses colors. The average height at the withers ranges from 120 cm to 135 cm.

Presented variety belongs to the oldest Scandinavian ponies. Since the time of excretion in animals some changes have taken place, which is not strange, because it’s been many centuries since the prehistoric period, when the kids roamed the wooded area of ​​the small island of Gotland, whence came their title. Due to the fact that for many centuries the breed held in isolation since the title of, because they do not spread to other continents and islands, pony managed all the original characteristics of exterior appearance.

In the first half of the 20th century with the help of reproductive crossing and selection methods in genetics Gotland Pony breed certain changes have been made, which have applied eastern blood. In our modern times, the breed is often diluted by multiple selections in the territories of the Scandinavian Peninsula. It is also known that many of the representatives of this breed live as before, large herds in the wild and extreme conditions, which is why you can often hear the name of another species – skogruss (which translated means “forest horse”). In the second half of the 20th century (about 1954) studbook was created. Full content and responsibility for the development of the breed took the participants in the Swedish communities involved in horse breeding.

Miniature horses are used for a variety of rural economic work, in the saddle, as well as most of them are used in harness. In the distant past, when the representatives of Gotland species imported in the territory of Belgium and Great Britain, their use was to work miner. In addition, some owners are grown pets for trotting races. Also ponies are bred for use in trotting races, but that their opportunities are not limited to.

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