Nonius horse

Photos, description of breed Nonius horses, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description of breed Nonius horses, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Variety vernier originally from Hungary. Compared to other breeds of Hungarian representatives vernier have the most massive body structures and are versatile animals and belong to the horse and Harness groups. In animals, a large body constitution of themselves as strong horses. Nonius used for a variety of works, including them as excellent helpers for performing rural economic problems. It is in these pets robots are able to demonstrate a high level of endurance in pulling action or work under saddle.

Let us consider in more detail exterior characteristics represented species. Thus, the inherent pets: an elongated head portion; rounded profile; expressive eyes, medium size; ears rather long and rather narrow; The neck is beautifully staged and elegant; well developed withers with a pronounced relief. Shoulder area raskoshenny; dorsal area is flat and long; Spin trim line becomes abundantly waist, and then – in a curved croup; the tail part of a highly available. Limbs animals dried and muscular, well-formed joints, tendons broken. Presented species characterized by the following colors the coat: bay, dark bay, and crows. The average growth of the horse withers from 145 cm to 155 cm – in miniature of Representatives and 155 cm – 165 cm – in large animals.

Total breeding animals of this species, the owners describe them as a peace-loving creatures who have the character of calm disposition. In horses there is a good balance and intense, fast motion, in which captured most of the space.

The breed was originally a beloved and respected. pets among chikoshey are especially appreciated. Origin vernier was recorded at stud Mesohedesh that is close to the territorial limits with Bulgaria. The very title of “vernier” species went after the half-English and half-Norman stallion, who is the founder of the species. The stallion had chestnut coloring of the coat, and the representative was the true heir to the Half-Blood pet Orion, as well as uterine Norman origin. At a time when there were the Napoleonic wars, the pet has got a trophy in the territory Mezohedesh in the first half of the 19th century (about 1816). Even when the horse was on his own country, that is, in Normandy, Nonius became the owner is not very positive reviews. According Rosières-aux-Salines, who worked as an inspector at the stud, the stallion does not know what some original characteristics of the exterior, but on the contrary is considered ugly and inharmonious, in addition it was said that in the future pet and not be able to buy these good stallion and excellent producer. The data were been noted as early as 1800, therefore, truly representative of the breed open vernier could not. Even in Hungary stallion grew up and became a real powerful and tall pet, his height is 171 cm, but true to become a handsome horse and managed.

The head of the sloppy and rough, ears stick out on opposite sides, eyes small enough ganache less than the average, the neck is not long enough, the dorsal portion is too big (it looks disproportionate), croup and tail small area located at a low level. Use of animals often in harness or saddle.

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