Galicia, horse breed

Photos, description breeds of horses in Galicia, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breeds of horses in Galicia, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Excretion Galicia breed of horses engaged in the Mexican territories. Externally, the ponies can be discerned for such colorings the coat: bay, red shades and raven. The average pet’s height at the withers from 120 cm to 145 cm.

In the first half of the 16th century conquistadors brought with them from the Spanish and Portuguese territories of primitive animals, which served as ancestors for galitseniyskoy breed. The founders were represented by varieties of old pony Garran. For a new generation of young horses was created several centuries that were his own descent from Gorran. They were first spotted in the north-western areas of the Iberian Peninsula, where he immediately managed to acclimatise in the Mexican climate. On the coastal heat in the warmer times of the year or in the cold pores near the flat volcanic mountain areas, pony could easily be satisfied with what they had, and pastures where, as you know, is very poor. Intensive research or improvements breed Galicia practically engaged, so a kind of managed to save the whole body structure, characteristic manners for over thirty years. In the second half of the 20th century (about 1959), pony Galicia have been recognized as a separate breed in the US, before in America imported pets in the middle of the same century. Currently, the most widely observed breeding of these beauties in Texas.

The use of animals quite versatile, so suitable for saddles, pack-work teams. The main qualities that characterize pet owners, is that kids are hard-working and always listen to the owner. In a country inhabited by representatives of the Galician breed, they are loved and respected because they find them indispensable helpers. Use pets can and farmers, and ordinary peasants, performing via galitsenskih work in agriculture, because that’s what this breed is able to acclimate to the flat terrain of the mountains. At the same time, in the US, the use of completely different breeds provided. There are pony riding, so you can often watch the young riders riding for competitions or tournaments.

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