Barbary horse breed description

Photos, description Barbary breed horses (Barbary), characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Barbary breed horses (Barbary), characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Horses of this breed have many predominance, for what have become popular and loved. Barbary representatives of real role models, their character filled with endurance, pride, courage. Due to the excellent immune system pets possess extraordinary health and are able to carry many diseases. In all difficult situations horse never lose heart, but instead try to find a way out. Earlier, more than once mentioned that the present breed of aging does not apply, because even before the death of the horse look great. In addition, their death occurs in so great age, that is not just kind of was mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records as the most tenacious. Externally, the horses have the same characteristics, which should have a real oriental representatives. They have a relief and quite dry body design, intensively and rapidly controlled limbs, however, there are slight minus the exterior, which appear in the not very neat lines of the head and neck less grace.

Breeding Barb horses occurred in the North-East Africa. Colours are pets bay, raven, red or various shades of gray. Average mortality rate among the withers begin to fluctuate from 140 cm to 160 cm. Often, horses are used to the saddle.

Research some scientists have shown that the species refers to a full-blooded species or, as they are called – horse “hot blood”. Variety truly extraordinary, but for breeders of our time berberiytsy may not produce much of an impression. After all, part of the Eastern horses are animals with a refined original Arabian horses, but apparently Barbary pets do not have a lot of overlap with the “Arabs”. Rather, they are similar to standard forms of horses, but with a little advanced body, in some areas of the body may have seen something, “Arabic”, but a large part of the body (especially the representatives of living in the European territories) has many similarities with Andalusian species. Just the description pets appearance and quality of behavior is suitable to all of us well-known expression: “Appearances are deceptive.”

Earlier, when breeders acquired horses currently represented species, they are primarily bought for myself faithful helpers and non vershnikov addition, animals having fun helping people in various works. Since the beginning of the 16th century and at the end of the 18th century, horses were in the top three breeds that most prized among the species that lived on the territory of Western European countries. Pets are on the same level with the Turkish representatives (or Turkmen) and Andalusian horses. At certain times, Barbary pets have made the greatest contribution to the development of horse breeding, as the breed is quite old.

Many varieties of horse should thank the representatives of the Berber varieties for their own existence, but in our modern times, the ancient horse is not so popular and known, what were before. At this time, new technologies and modern methods of breeding and training for horses, so those who owe their creation Barbary animal overtaken ancestors agility, beauty of exterior appearance, the intensity of growth and strength, so honestly replaced the first rows, previously owned by a small but strong north-Africans. The main thing is not exactly replace the other horses, the true ancient origins, many historical events, which were attended by berberiytsy. Just touching the age-old animals, it is possible to plunge into the past and enjoy it together with pets.

The spread of this species stretches from Algeria to Morocco itself, but under the influence of habitat change some characteristics of pupils that has divided them into several types. The right thing to distinguish between horses not starting from the same countries, and focus on the landscape of the area, where pets live. There are three main areas: coastal areas, Atlas Mountains, as well as the interior of the Plateau (average altitude becomes 1200 meters). Compared to the Arabia area of ​​North African possessions popular mountain bump, which indicates excellent horses adaptations for living in mountainous areas.

Mountain areas are characterized by the extreme conditions of climate and habitat, so the pet is best growth of about 140 cm-155 cm. Thanks to a similar increase in pupils to move around more easily and flawlessly perform any operation, but low growth rates also show a weak development of the animals. Consider other exterior characteristics inherent to representatives Barb species that live in the mountains. Pet inherent: a massive warhead; chest is rather narrow and dry; cereals often hangs. Horses move quickly, do not require special conditions and are able to resist the many obstacles.

Another type that is found in coastal areas, described a little higher horses, their growth is between 155 cm and above. Constitution pets massive, they found greater roundness in various areas of the body that are not typical of the Barbary breed. The main reason for these differences lies in the exterior committing reproductive crossing Berber and Arabian horses, which was practiced in the majority only in coastal areas.

Looks of the third type are considered to be true, as the animals are raised in the best conditions, compared with the previous two facial features horses, and this helped them to develop and adapt to the particular habitat. Meet the beauties can be in the western parts of the Tunis and Morocco border, where there are high-altitude plateau. The southern regions and localities populated Sahara berberiytsy a more elegant appearance, they are not serious and have relief long limbs.

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