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How to keep a horse at home. Conditions for stables, design and photo

How to keep a horse at home. Conditions for stables, design and photo

n fact, horses are smart and beautiful. Caring and keep them at home is not difficult, but requires some investment from the owner of both low cost and physical, and of course you need to know how to do it without harming the animal.

A few rules for the proper care of: is important to feed, vaccinate in time, the horse doctor recommended to be inspected at least once every 30 days, after cleaning the horse walks.

The horse should be in the right climatic conditions, it is there where it is apart from the rest of the walk. Its place – a stable, and it is the guarantee of health of the horse. During the construction of stables follow certain rules, it is necessarily constructed of insulated, the roof does not leak, and made a good, durable floor. Many important factor – the layout of the building, for maximum comfort not only horses, but you, in order to quickly and conveniently to clean the premises of manure and other contaminants, debris.

In winter, the horse does not get cold, or sick. The stables must present some form of heating. If it is too expensive then originally make such conditions that heating is not required for you. Namely: the interior walls must be made of wood, exterior – brick, ceiling necessarily insulated, the floor filled with high-quality materials and does not slide, and the latter in the construction, do not use materials that are easily ignited.

If you value your horse – make sure that it was always clean and well maintained.

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