Friesian horse

Photos, description Finnish horse breed characteristics for breeding

Photos, description Finnish horse breed characteristics for breeding

Horses Finnish breeds were originally bred in the territory of Finland. It’s only during the times when the horse started to exist, they were used for a variety of jobs with which Finns coped fine. Pets must have possessed agility, power, stamina, strength, and also copes with the tasks under saddle or in harness, in addition, required to horses owned fast and steady trotter. Despite the factor that different times require different qualities, Finnish horses were immensely productive.

Due to the fact that animals have a fighting spirit, they are worthy rivals in various sports competitions, and it does not matter who will be competing against them. Also, a horse owned by a beautiful view of conformation that can not be ignored. Externally, there are several colors of the coat: red, bay, and gray color.

About a century has passed since the time when the representatives of the Finnish species was wound studbook, it has anticipated it all attempts of crossing the Finns with a variety of horse breeds. The first instance recorded in the book, was the stallion, who came from ukonpoika and Herm. At that time, the basic requirements to the representatives of the male gender were: height at the withers of at least 150 centimeters, height and length of the croup body in no event exceed one and a half meters. Popular Finnish horses because of good temperament, movements smooth and beautiful. Parts of all the animals used to work in harness and under saddle, and pets are able to show their own strength and character, taking part in competitions.

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