Icelandic horse

Photography, Icelandic Horse breed description, characteristics

Photography, Icelandic Horse breed description, characteristics

For the most characteristic areas of the Icelandic marine climate, that is, there is always a cool, damp enough, in general pleasant weather for the rest. In winter time the temperature does not drop too low, and in the summer does not rise too high. Talking about how to live in these areas, livestock, not to say that they feel there is excellent. The fact that the northern summer time of the year takes place quite rapidly, and winter snows completely cover all living vegetation. For similar conditions needed similar pets that could fight for their own survival and find ways out of difficult situations different. Over the years the breed Icelandic horses have adapted to life in marine areas, so the horses their homeland usual. To Icelandic representatives were warmer, animals overgrown hairs are long enough, besides horses were able to learn how to store fat, which is enough for the whole winter, it is also possible to observe the bears.

For the first time seen the Icelandic horses were on Icelandic territory, where they recorded the original origin. Outwardly, different animals for different colors of wool cover, before pupils had minimal gray and brown coat color, but for now you can meet representatives of the Icelandic breed completely different colors and shades. They have a beautiful gait. The average stallion or horse has a growth from 130 cm to 140 cm. Using the variety is mainly used for the seat, as well as work in a team.

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