Pony Bardidzhiano

Photos, description pony breed Bardidzhiano, characteristic

Photos, description pony breed Bardidzhiano, characteristic

Pedigree can be traced up to the Ancient Roman Empire, when the ancestors of the breed Bardidzhiano lived – pony abelliumy. Perhaps the ancestors of this breed are also gaflinger and Aveline.

Breed lives in the highlands Appenine that are in Italy, so Bardidzhiano ponies adapted to life in the most safe conditions. This breed is not as well known as her relatives and gaflingersky avelinsky pony, but has a number of positive qualities that got them the same. The shape of the head pony was from oriental horses, color and body structure of the British breeds, some of the features of the Spanish horse breed pony astursky.

Over time, more and more mixed blood in the rock began to lose the positive qualities Bardidzhiano. These small horses most often used to create a mule, which have become very popular. Thoroughbred breed animals Bardidzhiano virtually left to revive the breed had not exert little effort, but fortunately they were all successful.

Thoroughbred Bardidzhiansky pony is very hardy and adapted to life in the mountains. Step a wide, confident, smooth movements. Safe to play with children, transportation of tourists in mountain areas heavily traversed. Some farmers also use a pony as a traction force in agriculture.

Adults grow to 1.3 meters at the shoulder. Colour bay or crows. Body Building strong, muscular. Oval head with small pointed ears and a beautiful, deep eyes. The hooves are large and very solid, cling to any surface.

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