Belgian Heavy Horse

Photos, description Belgian Heavy Horse breed, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description Belgian Heavy Horse breed, characteristic for home breeding

Breed Belgian Warmblood workhorse Heavy, are among the most beautiful and unusual breeds of horses which, no doubt, deserve their own place in the historical facts of the heaviest, strongest horse in the world. It is proved that this breed has a direct connection to the Ardennes. Several centuries ago, a variety called flandskoy. For any artist pets have been known to have played a meaningful role in the elimination of the set-dray rocks, such as the more famous ones: Shire, Suffolk-Punch and kleydesdali. In modern times has rarely hear their true name, pet called soon Brabant, because the area where they are very popular in cultivation on Central Belgium territories.

Many years have passed, and those breeders, who were engaged in the improvement of varieties provided tyazheloupryazhnoy horse, using the techniques of careful selection and reproductive crossing, created almost ideal pets. Neck region is compact, strong shoulders, the end of the rather short, sufficiently broad and strong constitution, raised croup. Traits are also distinguished by a peaceful, calm disposition, which is why horses are ideal for works submitted to them on the excavation sites. for cute animals observation process itself is surprising and inspiring. Often they are used for the carts, which are engaged in the transport of beer. The harness heavyweights look great.

Species considered to be quite old, so the mere fact that the horses are still alive – a great achievement. It is known that always, for various reasons, some of the rocks are slowly beginning to fade, but, as we see the representatives of the Belgian workers, heavy-duty, all were able to survive and continue to delight the owners of their existence. Very popular in the breeding of animals used in Belgium, as they appreciate in the regions of North America. They were especially fond of quiet and compliant nature. Of course a combination of horse and giants at the same time complete pacification, it seems impossible.

The average height of the population withers waver from 170 cm to 175 cm Externally visible colors of the coat, preferably bright orange shades, on endings -. Black color, but there are also red or dull yellow. As a rarity, there are pets brown or gray color.

Let us consider in more detail exterior characteristics of the breed Belgian Draft horses workers. The most popular among the dray beautiful black roan color saturated colors, but it looks nice and bright orange or bay coloring. Apart from these palettes, born representatives dull cream color, light brown shades, or simply gray. If the main color of the coat lighter colors, but be sure to end the dark, and the hairs on his feet long enough.

The head part of a medium-sized, long, harmonious look with the body; his forehead large and flat; horse in a few flat profile; Ganache relief area and strongly expressed; ears erect and small; expressive eyes, with a tender gaze piercing; orbit more prominent; lip plump, fleshy; large nostrils; cervical region rather short, but strong and broad at first, similar to the shape of the letter “c”; the dorsal part of the firm, relief and rather long.

Withers is low, wide enough and powerful; waist line too short, broad, but steady; back a bit of flex; well-developed rump slightly rounded and creates the effect of the double, the area near the ridge visible beautiful delivery; chest deep and large; abdominal part of the broad and convex; ribs are large and rounded.

The endings differ in that relatively short but wide and have a strong articulation, and quite stable. Upper plot relief, strong; pastern large and powerful; massive field hock, which is well seen bending levels; abundant tendons and lean; medium-sized headstock, which have an identical cover to the fetlock joint and tall bangs. Hooves rounded, straight, they placed neat horn light colors.

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