Pony Breed Batak

Description breed Batak, characterization, breeding, and photo content

Description breed Batak, characterization, breeding, and photo content

One of the oldest breeds of horses in the whole of Indonesia, mostly concentrated on the island of Sumatra. Most of the horses from this region come from the Mongolian and Arabian horses on their basis have also been established breed Bali and Sandalwood. All these horses, including Batak, have in their old eastern blood impurities.

Over time, the Batak became very common throughout Indonesia, and this breed of horses began to be used to create new and improved breeds.

In ancient times to the horses breed Batak treated very carefully and respect, they are often sacrificed to the local gods. Today ponies are only used as riding horses for adults and children. Character Batak playful, but is moderately quiet, so it is easy to learn, and the children are happy to play with the animals. Despite his skinny build Batak body is very strong and is able to level with tall horses to work in agriculture. He’s not fussy, hardy and undemanding.

Batak is often confused with other superficially very similar breed Gayo. These horses are the ancestors of Batak and saved many identical qualities.

Adults grow to 1.3 m. To build lean body type, small regularly shaped head with a short neck, bushy tail, which is slightly raised and forms an arc. Legs long with large hoofs.

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