Alpaca, a description of the guinea pig breed

Photos, description guinea pig breed alpaca, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description guinea pig breed alpaca, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Who knows a little bit in zoology, pay attention to the rather strange name represented the breed of guinea pig – Alpaca. The fact that alpacas are a llama that come directly from the camels, and are renowned for their beasts, these extremely beautiful and massive hair. So, why is the guinea pig named so?

In fact, fans of guinea pigs immediately noticed woolen animals cover: extra long, curly hairs and unusual. We know that well-known instances of Peruvian origin, wool which is a bit like a wig, and she looks aged aristocratic shape, very popular and spread all over the world, but you can insist that the breed alpacas in no way inferior to them. Some even joke on the topic, saying that the Peruvian guinea pigs only wigs and alpacas – irreplaceable originals. Representatives of this species is often mistaken for a variety of exhibition processes, where they can be confused with instances of the Maltese lapdogs. Seeing alpacas for the first time, they just want a little cuddle, touch to their unusual coat. Due to the characteristic calm disposition and friendly mood pets, they will not interfere with it, but rather gently povorkuyut back.

Guinea pigs species of alpaca, in fact, as animals of Peruvian origin, have in the sacrum predisposition to two small outlets, because of what the coat grows abundantly on the head of the pets. In the frontal area is the wrong socket, which is responsible for the formation of a bang. On the muzzle hairs grow forward, thereby creating the appearance of sideburns. When hair grows to a certain level, hairs, intertwined to form a beautiful locks of different shapes. Suits alpacas among rocks there are different. Basically, this agouti multiple shades, golden, rich black color. Colors of two or three palettes. Rarely can be seen as pets Himalayan color. Animals have extraordinary eyes, they look great and expressive eyes. Note to the owners: it is necessary to raise alpacas at an early age. As for diet, guinea pigs are used in a variety of plants as food, as well as indeed, many others of their relatives, their food is vegetarian. Especially love eat green, fresh grass.

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