Swiss Teddy guinea pig breed description

Photos, description guinea pigs breed Swiss Teddy, characteristic for home breeding.

Photos, description guinea pigs breed Swiss Teddy, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Variety guinea pigs Swiss Teddy, or as they are referred to as “CH-Teddy” does not refer to the list of newly guinea pigs as on breeding breed breeders worked long period of time. Another unidentified Swiss Teddy remain for residents of Great Britain, because statistics show that today the British met with only four lines of this breed. The first part of the main names of the animals presented implies a place of their elimination, but, despite this, in our time concentrating their location in the territories of all European countries. Looking at the first pets, it seems that this is a normal ball of fluff. Indeed, for the adult specimens are characterized by fairly long (about 5-10 cm), as well as standing hairs. The cotton cover is characterized by its density and the fact that there are hairs permanently.

For CH-Teddy, after the official recognition of the species have been identified breed standards, based on which, pets must have a tough woolen cloak. Hairs guinea pigs are always abundant, grow evenly and harmoniously together look, long hair is about 5-10 centimeters. On abdominal hairs markedly distinguished by the fact that the curl. Copies have not attained the age of half-year, mostly have shorter hair.

Exterior features of pets are as powerful and quite massive physique, animals have wide shoulder joints. The head part is fairly large. The nose on the end has sharp contours. Eyes on the face are located far from each other, they are big, expressive and mostly colorful colors. Ears are always beautiful and neat formations, massive and hanging.

Among the representatives of the Swiss teddy meet a wide variety of colors pinion cover, but none of them is rejected, and vice versa – is considered to be special.

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