Satin smooth-haired guinea pig, breed description

Photos, description guinea pig breed Satin smooth-haired, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description guinea pig breed Satin smooth-haired, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

The origins of the breed guinea pigs Smooth satin begins on American territory, a few decades ago, when due to random mutation process, a new generation of guinea pigs satin direction of the light. Since that time, copies satin guinea pigs become very popular and widely circulated around the world. Total clearance in the regions of Canada and the United States have achieved certain results in further dilution satin breed of hairless guinea pigs. Later, a kind of officially recognized and identified the type of exterior standard. In English breed known as the «American Satin», they were divided into four different groups: the instances of self, plain (English Solid), agouti and spotted pets.

During the entire existence presented guinea pigs, breeders together accounted for all areas of the breed, which differ in the following colorings the coat:

  1. Beige neutral;
  2. Motley red;
  3. Snow-white;
  4. So called, «Red-Eyed Orange», which are characterized by cream, black, brown, purple, orange, and red-eyed animals;
  5. Solid color of the direction A. These include the colorful palette of wool and chaly;
  6. Solid color of the direction B. This group includes plain clarified guinea pigs (English Solid Dilute.), Golden-colored (English Solid Golden.), As well as silver-colored (English Solid Silver.)
  7. Variety of colors “agouti”. Light agouti, agouti gold and silver agouti;
  8. Spotted animal direction A. differ guinea pigs with spotty coloring wool or tortoiseshell;
  9. Last trend – patchy areas B. Copies have the color of Dalmatians, the Dutch suit, Himalayan suit and tortoiseshell with white prints neat spots.

In addition to the divisions among the colors gladkosherstyh satin representatives share the guinea pigs and age restrictions. The youngest representatives have a live weight of 335 grams to 625 grams, while their age is about four to five months. Average group captures pupils whose age waver in areas five or six months, and the weight category does not exceed 625-910 grams. The latter is an age limit of guinea pigs after six months of age. At this stage the animal is inherent weight greater than one kilogram, which is directly influenced by many environmental factors.

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