Merino breed guinea pigs

Photo, guinea pig breed Merino description, characteristics

Photo, guinea pig breed Merino description, characteristics

Merino – the real representatives of blue royal blood among guinea pigs. And the truth because only one quick glance at the Merino, to accurately identify them as belonging to high society. Elegant, soft and elastic curls curly hair for texture and tactile sensations reminiscent of sheep … Hence the name of the breed, similar to the title of one of the sheep breeds. Sometimes it seems that before you a beautifully made soft toy, but no, it’s Merino!

Merino came into the world by crossing the English selectors two prod – Texel and Cornet, hence the main feature of Merino – a crown on his head. The color palette color merino can be quite diverse. Unfortunately information about Merino too little, respectively, and there is no any information on care. But the demand for Merino is constantly growing, and so over time there will be more happy owners, who want to share their experiences on these beauties care. In the meantime, we can only admit Merino – the most mysterious of the existing today breeds guinea pigs, and it makes them – truly magnificent!

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