American Crested, a breed of guinea pigs

Photos, description guinea pig breed American Crested, characteristic

Photos, description guinea pig breed American Crested, characteristic

On this breed of guinea pigs was first reported in the late 70-ies of the last century. It was then that the selectors in North America brought a new breed of furry animals, originally christened his creation – White Crested, with the characteristic white color socket. Some time later, White Crested was introduced to Europe, where he has been given a more familiar name for us – American Crested. On the territory of Russia, the first Crested allegedly hit in the early ’90s. Crested breeders first appeared in Moscow and then moved to the cultural capital – St. – Petersburg.

As mentioned above, the main feature is a White Crested outlet that is located on the head, but the main color is the color red. However, as the socket, and the basic coat color, may differ from the standard. The options are white in color with black jack or black color and red socket.

The content is not whimsical, net cage and regular eating right – all you need for a comfortable life of your pet.

With regard to breeding Crested, it is worth to remember only one thing: absolutely can not pair the animals with white rosettes, with those who are red in color.

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