Longhair sheltie, description guinea pigs

Photos, description guinea pigs breed Longhair sheltie, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description guinea pigs breed Longhair sheltie, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

The breed guinea pigs longhaired Sheltie there are certain restrictions in the exterior features that define pets can take part in various exhibitions processes. For the exhibition allowed only guinea pigs, which have a long woolen cloak, hairs with long reach close to 15 centimeters. On the cheeks the hairs should be not less than seven centimeters. In fact, judging by the name represented species, it becomes clear that the long-haired Sheltie owners really extraordinary woolen cover, which is why, the longer the hair – the more prized pet. Among the many other countries, this breed is familiar under the name angora animal. Coat pets rather rare and irregular around the placement on the body, but if this factor is changed, the disparity between the age, the pet will be disqualified at the exhibition.

Standard long-haired Sheltie was officially recognized in the second half of the 20th century (1973), on the territory of England. As compared with other instances of guinea pigs, the growth of animals characterized abundant wool.

Consider the characteristics of coat, which were recognized standard. Hairs must be long enough, but fine, the main thing that hair is not hanging around the body, as an exception – muzzle. What is the length of hairs from pets – depends on their age category. In the area of ​​the jaw should be a fringe. Shoulders sufficiently strongly covered with hair, the hair at the same time does not fall off the massive Grivko on both sides. Despite the fact that the rear girth necessarily correspond proportionally to the volume side, on the rear is always plentiful and very long hair. If you look closely on top, long-haired Sheltie has a teardrop shape in the extreme harmonious oval or housing similar to the shape of a small pear. Hairs at the base thicker and the ends are somewhat thinner, by the way, one of the main characteristics. Mane does not have what some divisions and gently lies on the back of the head, and does not dissolve in the partings.

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