Somali breed guinea pigs

Photos, description guinea pigs breed Somalia, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description guinea pigs breed Somalia, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Introduced a variety is considered relatively new, which is why pets are called “emerging”. Guinea pigs have a special structure of the coat, because their appearance resembles specimens of Abyssinian breed. Exterior Features interesting combination with rosettes, also referred to as “Rex”. How it came to light line Somali representatives – it is unknown, and unknown where it was first noticed pets. To date, despite the fact that the animals are actively distributed and are very popular, the official recognition of Somalia have not reached, and still do not have people who have deliberately engaged in further breeding species. For unknown reasons, copies of Somalia continue to look for a place in the links of the guinea pigs.

Some of the members of this breed are often found on German territory, and it is absolutely accidental. The fact is that when there is crossing and Rex guinea pigs Abyssinian, in the end results in the light born little young – Somali instances that have initially genetic reserves Rex. The most popular variety among fans of guinea pigs, because of their simple genetic structure, a method practiced reproductive crossing Somali representatives so dinner Michurin pets. Copies are Somali neotemny parts for new groups of guinea pigs, they actively use novice breeders or the breeders who like to put a variety of experiments. Introduced a variety of popular due to the fact that guinea pigs are excellent soils for creating interesting features among the new generations. Of the key moments for breeders need to know exactly how to correctly choose the two pupils who take part in the mating, because not every couple can later produce pups with the correct number of sockets (are inherent Abyssinian animals), as well as to achieve the desired results with wool on sheets, which should be similar to the Rex. In the case where the female and male chosen correctly it becomes less rigid seed hairs, which leads to what is minimally noticeable outlet guinea pigs.

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