Bald Skinny guinea pig breed description

Photos, description bald guinea pig breed Skinny, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description bald guinea pig breed Skinny, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

It will focus on one of the most unusual and exotic breeds of hairless guinea pigs – skinny. Guinea pigs of this breed are very popular and are widely distributed on all continents of the world. Parts of all acquire skinny as pets, because they quickly adapted and attached to the owners. In addition, they are popular because of the fact that they require a minimum of care and at the same time get along great with children, peacefully relate to guests. In English, presented a type known as «Skinny».

Consider the exterior features of the guinea pig skinny. The breed found pets, have mostly brown and gray coloring of the body. The peculiarity of this breed is the absence of the coat. Some hairs can germinate in the head at the shoulder joints, as well as animal limbs. The hairs that grow there, unobtrusive and slightly twisted. The length of the body is approximately 35 cm to 40 cm. Animals are decorative direction. In order to bring a similar breed, breeders, scientists worked on a few years of breeding work and laboratory processes. It was necessary to make a great effort to create skins.

Animals have quite a relief and a massive body. The head part of a medium-sized, oval, wider front. Head between the male and female are different, because the male head sharper outlines and contours of the females neat. The nose is rather large, rounded, and clearly visible its soft curves in the profile. Eyes guinea pigs large and expressive, often round and their color depends on the color of the main body. Do pets trim tabs, which are located on the spacious head. Ears are slightly tilted forward, and in the middle stands a tiny wave, which connects the two lugs.

The neck is short enough, massive and arched. The shoulder area is well developed, narrow blades. The chest is almost imperceptible. The dorsal part is straight and wide, never bends, and on it there is no Gorbikov. Croup rounded, smooth limbs, no signs of deformity or curvature of the legs. Thanks to freely constructed fingers, pets can be easily held in the legs feed and actively move. On the fingers is not the coat, they do not fluff. Some are afraid to buy yourself as pets representatives skinny because they have several unpleasant appearance, but this is just a prejudice, because the animals are very pleasant to the touch. The fact that pets do not have the coat is not completely true, because the skinny on each copy has at least the minimum number of hairs or gun.

We now turn to how it occurred introduced species. In the US territories nowadays skinny are not recognized as a separate line of guinea pigs, but in spite of this, pupils have a lot of fans. Kids differ in that they are very quiet. The animals do not need to care very serious, which is why they are often presented with kiddies. Guinea pigs quickly adapt and get used to their owners, and are hospitable to strangers, but at the same time wary. The main advantage that is inherent to representatives of the tabernacle, is their exotic exterior characteristics, in fact, why the animals are so popular all over the world.

The first copies were created on the territory of Canada where over their breeding worked in the laboratories of several scientists. Later, the breed improvement do breeders of laboratory named Charles Rivers, they are carefully worked through all the selection processes and for the second half of the 20th century (about 1975) skinny representatives worldwide. At that time, livestock were bred with unusual red eyes, and the pure white color of the trunk cover. After that, the factory owners who liked the white guinea pigs began to engage in their diversity, so later there were animals with shades of brown and pink colors of the housing.

In spite of the long research and development, which were carried out with the objectives to make the breed better varieties of the main problem and has not been completely solved. The main thing that is subject to improvement – the gene pool. Unfortunately, skinny gene structure and has not been strengthened, because of what and carried further the work of scientists. There is also a variety of imperfections include the fact that pets have quite a weak immune system. Fans skinny solved this problem with the help of reproductive mating, but with stronger guinea pigs. This breed is inherent in the recessive gene, which is why, when crossed with animals guinea pigs having the coat, shaggy born offspring, but the pups will be laid recessive gene. After that another generation is born, from which half bald and the other half is covered with rigid curly hairs.

Now go to interesting facts, because of which so skinny lovers guinea pigs. It is known that the title of the breed “skіnny” means “bone with the skin. You often refer to thin, but that does not mean that livestock are skinny, rather the contrary. Practice has shown that the diet of the animals is three times higher than normal average guinea pig. This power is directly related to the support trunk regular temperature. Also breed is one of the most common on all continents of the world. Thanks to their exotic appearance pets really become very common. If you currently purchase skinny instances does not constitute any difficulties, then let these pets before could not everyone. Until the first half of the 19th century like pets had only true rich. In addition, it is proved that the pets do not affect negatively on the people, that is, do not cause allergic reactions. They are also loved for what always smells good from them. Despite the fact that the skin does not require careful maintenance, they always look neat and tidy. Since the breed is not inherent in the presence of the coat to the touch they resemble soft rubber, their skin velvety and elastic.

It is known that each breed requires a special approach to her, so we shall understand how to care for animals presented. Due to the fact that virtually no skinny wool cover, it is important that for them has been specially equipped house in which they are comfortable feel. Through constant food techniques, body temperature reaches about 38-40 degrees of Celsius. Despite this, the animals are very sensitive and should keep them at optimal room temperature and to make sure that they are not slacking and do not overheat. Parts of all practicing skinny content in terrariums, and not in the open cells. Sometimes it is necessary to let pets run around on the floor or on the couch. Although the kind of diet that at times other than guinea pig diet, overeating can not give them because they are prone to obesity. The best option would be to decide the daily diet and stick to it consistently.

Skinny have a friendly and calm disposition characteristic, they have maintained their masters in difficult situations. As easy to care for pets, they are often presented with kiddies. In order to create a good terrarium, you can look for ready-made designs or create yourself, utilizing their imagination pet. The main thing is the basic rules of the terrarium: opaque tray and transparent walls on each side. After a small house covered with metal bars, but it should serve as a door to it was convenient to get you out the guinea pig, cover the food and clean the housing of animals. As a base layer of fresh shavings used, but they must be massive to not create dust. Change the dust must be at least once a week, otherwise it may lead to the fact that the pig could get hurt or sick with something. Each month is recommended to fully disinfect all items that surround the Tabernacle. Also regularly need to wash dishes, from which eat pets and always change the water. The diet should be made up of 60 per cent of the dry grass, 20 percent – rich feed mixtures and 20 percent of solid products. Hay is an essential component for the animals, it should be kept fresh. Practiced added to the basic diet syrodavlennuyu granular bone meal. Cereals food perform the role of carbohydrate source, fat, protein, amino acids, and fiber. Some acquire additional grain mixture, and sometimes pets allowed ordinary porridge, which connect to the main diet. Especially useful to use guinea pigs with corn, peas, sunflower, oats, barley and wheat. For a bit of pampering skinny owners fed them dry homemade cookies, crackers, nuts, pieces of dried fruit or dried rosehip. As a succulent feed mixtures using dandelion, nettle, plantain, clover, wheat grass, moreover, it is recommended to feed the animal leaves of fresh lettuce, celery, beets, cabbage or spinach. Be sure to occasionally throw in a cage pets branches of fruit trees or bushes may also come ordinary wooden blocks to pets could grind their teeth. Vitamin supplements can be bought, but you can just give fresh chopped melon, squash, tomatoes, different varieties of pepper (preferably sweet), carrots, apples, beets and other vegetables and fruits, which contain a lot of vitamin. Like all the other guinea pigs, skinny use chalk and table salt. Introduced a variety of very delicate, so for them should be carefully monitored. Even climbing a small height, animals can fall off and seriously hurt themselves, or even worse – to die, as the bowel does not break down and burst. Fasting animals completely banned. In practice, it is proved that just two days of fasting followed by deadly problems. Despite the fact that the presented animals do not require special care, for them it is still necessary to follow. Regularly clean the ears, wash the eyes with special drops, neatly trimmed nails. Skinny cleanly apply to pets, so they rarely bathed. And, strictly speaking, need this at most not.

Many breeders bred these guinea pigs, they say that their cultivation is no big deal, and any problems are extremely rare. Especially popular pets because of their multiple offspring. Females fully mature to reproductive process in the age of 6-8 months, and the representatives of the male, in turn, is already mature in 2-4 months. Despite this, pets are not ready at this early age to produce new offspring, so mating them to admit 5 months – for females, and 7 months – for males.

For procreation choose more active, powerful and have a strong immune system of animals. In order for the new born offspring of healthy parents compatibility period is added to the daily rate of food mixed feed, which may contain the vitamins C, E, B, A, D. The traced as monogamous content, during which the couple lives together and brings together their young . Monogamous content is practiced more and more, as it has a positive effect on the animals. If the cell contains a few pregnant females necessary to divide them into different cells. The fact is that often there are cases when pregnant expectant mothers-pigs trampled newborn babies, which should be avoided. Despite the fact that during mating pets eat lots of food, in any case can not overfeed them, it leads eventually to gastric disorders and obesity, and in females disrupted the natural fertilization process. It produces new generation in different periods of the year. Depending on how many kids wearing skinny mom-defined lines of pregnancy. The average pregnancy lasts 60 to 70 days.

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