Abyssinian guinea pig, breed description

Photos, description Abyssinian guinea pig breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Abyssinian guinea pig breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Representatives of Abyssinian guinea pigs have always been famous for its unusual conformation features, in addition, pets are very funny and original, which is why they are widely distributed on all continents of the world. In English presented animals known under the name “abissin guinea pig”.

Recognizable animals have become due to their relatively short hairs the coat, but at the same time, rigid hairs, also in guinea pets around the body observed a neat rosette. Sockets are called special spot areas that contribute to the growth of hairs in a circle.

Abyssinian guinea pigs are one of the oldest areas of its kind. The presence of outlets accompanied the early gene mutational processes. In the second half of the 19th century (circa 1860-the first year), the existence of these lovely animals first learned to England territories where and began to develop its popularity, later they are widely spread in European countries and in America, where they won the hearts of many people.

Over time things changed, and breeders who previously preferred Abyssinian kind – declined significantly. All because of some problems began with the creation of new generations. In fact, to get the new offspring is very difficult.

Consider the exterior characteristics of these animals. Pets have a strong physique, muzzle is medium in size and beautiful, neat shapes. Eyes are mostly dark, large and always keep an eye expressive look. Ears are small enough, but differ in that they are similar to the shape of a small wave. During the official standards of variety, purebred instance must have at least eight outlets (they necessarily proportional and correct dimensions). Location outlet should be as follows: on both sides of the two sockets, and the back torso area – about four. In addition, necessary to have outlets on the head portion. Whiskers are always fluffy, they are the largest volume of hairs.

Scallops outlets or circuits are always in harmony with the body looks, smooth. The length of the coat is around 3-4 centimeters. Preferably, the hairs were standing on end and the ugly, but in any case they do not attach to the body. Among the animals into the rock provided meet a variety of flowering of wool. The most common colors are the following: saturated black, colorful, bright red, chalye or dull reddish shades.

To purchase Abyssinian guinea pigs is no need to make great efforts, but the key lies in their upbringing and care for them. Like other animals of this area, the Abyssinians absolute vegetarians, and will rejoice even with fresh grass.

Lovely creation have friendly and calm characteristic disposition. When they are playing at home, we can see their energy and restlessness, but pets are always listened to what they said the owner. For those who do buy wonderful shaggy friend, boldly declare that the copies submitted breed perfectly fulfill your desires. There will also be constantly maintained, and if there are kids in the family, make sure you will be present for kids playful nurse.

Many guinea pig owners know the standard rules for the care of pets. Sure, most of the varieties of the same requirements, but still, different breeds require different treatment to them. So read the rules and care for the Abyssinian guinea pigs. Characterized as the animals calm, but at the same time explosive pets. Guinea pigs are allocated their friendly and welcoming, and they have a high level of intelligence, so easily able to learn a variety of tricks. Parts of all pets are taught to sit quietly on their hands, but perhaps it is only if the livestock is fully adapted to the new housing and attached to the host, in addition, animals can respond to their name. In fact, growing up gradually and constantly hearing his own name, pigs get used to it and eventually resorted for the first call of the owner. It is worth noting that the voice of their masters animals quickly memorize, but someone else’s voice rarely respond. As represented species is not inherent in a long coat and demanded for the coat care is not too difficult. For a beautiful and well-groomed appearance is necessary only once a week to comb the hairs special metal comb. It is known that in the natural environment, guinea pigs like to bathe in the sand, so the cage can also put a tray with sand, which are pre-warmed in the oven to very high temperatures.

Among the main issues include the place where the will dwell Abyssinian guinea pig. There is not much difference between the metal cage, plastic or wood. The most important thing in choosing a cell – dimensions. To pet feel comfortable and cozy in a place where he spends most of his time, preferably choose a house of 50×50 centimeters. Then the pet will be able to frolic, play and simply develop harmoniously in a pleasant environment for them. As a base-litter suitable conventional chips, but not necessarily massive, as small chips will create a lot of dust, and get the kids in the snout and eyes. Due to the fact that guinea pigs presented quite frisky, you can not put them in a cage dishes that can be beaten and hurt them. It is best to buy a ceramic feeders and waterers are also using suspended crockery. Guinea pigs are rodents direction, so their home must be present branches of various fruit trees or vegetable bushes, small pieces of wood, and perhaps just bought a special material, all of it is used for sharpening of small incisors. The purity of pets is not adhered to, in this regard, the responsibility of the owner. To absent unpleasant odor, it is advisable to clean the cage again for three days, and constantly carefully wash the dishes from which pigs are drinking and eating. Despite the changes in the weather, the cage should always be at the optimum temperature of 19-23 degrees Celsius. It is strictly forbidden to put the cage during windy weather or high heat. Abyssinian guinea pigs are prone to obesity, so you can not feed them more than twice a day. The diet is to create so that all pupils receive the necessary material and they do not overeat. Not advised to give the animals extra servings. Despite the absolute vegetarianism represented species is forbidden to give them damp grass. Parts of the whole grass and washed thoroughly stirred, adding a little potassium permanganate, dried, and later served only. Prerequisites to be given pigs are present in the solid feed, fresh fruit fruit or forage, hay, and branches of trees, bushes. Besides the above, is added to the diet of special mineral supplements. Practice has shown that if pupils have to share accommodation with others even pets like dogs or rabbits room, then problems with it not occur. Another thing, if under the same roof with the Abyssinians settled birds, rats, chinchillas and hamsters.

This breed is considered to be really special and popular, so there is some evidence of their ancient history. We mentioned earlier that there are fewer breeders are trying to breed the animals. The fact is that to extend this kind is a difficult task. Experienced breeders know that in spite of early sexual maturation (at the age of about 30 days), they can not be allowed to reproduce, because they are not ready to make such an early age and go their own offspring. It is recommended to allow for breeding, at least, semi-annual copies.

In addition, the animals peaceful and sincere pets, they possess excellent intellectual abilities, so are able to perform a variety of commands. In addition, guinea pigs get along well with children and will melt them the true nurse.

The average life expectancy waver in areas 6-8 years.

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