American Teddy guinea pig breed description

Photos, description guinea pig breed American teddy, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description guinea pig breed American teddy, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

The name of the breed of guinea pig American Teddy got out of the fact that it is very much like animals with teddy bears. It is known that earlier, in the derivation presented kind, was created about 11 destinations. Despite the fact that all recognized breeds, the American teddy are the only among all the other pets that have no direct rods hairs. Their curly, rather long hairs, animals have a very nice and unusual appearance, and their wool cover makes them plump and tender charm. Construction body pets, many other features correspond to the characteristics of short-haired guinea pigs. To create areas of American Teddy used mutational techniques, taking advantage of hairs recessive, ie rock refers to homozygous. As described mutational intervention, teddy impossible to develop using the method reproductive crossing other breeds. Despite this, often to improve the variety of representatives of the American teddy crossed with other instances, thus improving the quality of the coat, as well as increasing the diversity of colors is acquired. The only thing that is necessary for further breeding of purebred pet.

Let us consider in more detail exterior characteristics presented animals. The body of medium length. The shoulder joints are quite massive. If you look at pet profile, you’ll see their Roman inclinations that are characterized by high broad forehead. The colors of the coat of the breed there are different, but the main thing to suit corresponded officially recognized standards. Ears beautiful forms, harmonious look in proportion with the body and a little hang, but for the rules, they should not touch the head part, because his ears pressed to the head – marriage. The body is powerful. Newborn young have immediately waved or twisted fur, because of what the true Teddy can learn from birth. Frizz even ate noticeable mustache. Choose to purchase US officials, who have a lot of hair on the ventral portion. In infancy, the level of wool that Curly, you can predict a woolen blanket will have pets on the degree of maturation. The more twists – the better.

At a time when the little darling of evolving, there is a certain interval, during which the animals look, to put it mildly, not very good, then the inexperienced svinkovody often disappointed in their purchase. The fact is that during the change of coat, some places are simply deleted or downloaded, thus, obtained a small but extremely unattractive, receding hairline. If you find yourself in a similar situation, do not panic, because after all is restored, and make no mistake, if the birth of Teddy was a beautiful coat, then grew up, everything will return to their former places.

Like many other short-haired guinea pigs, the breed American teddy enjoy high popularity and is widely disseminated. For the exhibition process rate for males is not limited, that is, pets can be used at different ages, but it is better in a year or two. If it is a female, then there are certain guidelines – to put them in their teens.

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